Go for a Killer Testimonial Video to Promote your Business

If you are looking to promote your business, there are different ways to do so. Most of them involve spending a lot of money on promotional activities with the results not assured. One of the best ways of business promotion with little expenses and assured results is to use testimonials. There is no doubt that word of mouth is the best way to promote a business.

The Importance of Testimonials

The words of an existing customer matters much more than a slickly-designed advertisement, or a promotional blitz. This is because customers rely on the opinions of other customers. Before spending money to buy a product or service, most people look at what others have to say about the product. If they find positive things, their likelihood of buying the product rises.

Statistical studies show that 89% of customers trust reviews or testimonials from other customers. 57% of customers believed that it was important to read testimonials before buying a product. Another study found that customers spend 30% more on businesses that had good testimonials. All these facts highlight the importance of customer testimonials.

Video Testimonials

A testimonial by a customer has a powerful impact on potential customers who are influenced by the experience of the customer. When the testimonial is in video form, instead of plain text, it is more effective. Visuals and spoken words are much more effective than written words. They have a greater impact and add life to the message.

Most reviews on the internet are by users whose user name, in most cases, is not their real name. Their photos are also not present. This gives rise to a doubt whether the review is genuine or written by an interested party. The major advantage of video testimonials is that the reviews are presented by real people whose voice can be heard and face seen.

Such a video testimonial has higher credibility as compared to text reviews on websites. A video is more effective when it comes to communication. The message gets across quickly and watching a person talk is definitely more impressive than reading a review. This is the reason video testimonials are popular and are being used by businesses for promotion.

Creating a Killer Testimonial Video

To ensure the business promotion is successful, the video testimonial must be a killer testimonial – one that is highly effective and puts the message across strongly. A killer testimonial is one that is credible, has information for potential customers, and strongly presents the product benefits without looking like an advertisement. Here are some guidelines to help a business create such a killer testimonial video.

  1. The first thing to create a killer testimonial is to find a customer who is ready to record a video and present his/her experience using the product in an effective way. Many people are camera shy and it is necessary to find a customer who is ready and confident to face the camera.
  2. Customers can shoot their own testimonials through mobile cameras. However, a killer testimonial requires a professional video. It is better to hire a professional agency with experience and expertise in creating video testimonials. They can ensure that the best quality video testimonial is prepared. They can use text, graphics, and videos effectively in the video.
  3. The testimonial must not be a goody-goody one, as it would then look like an advertisement. It must be a factual review explaining the customer’s experience using the products. Pain points of the customer while finding a solution must be highlighted to make the testimonial believable.
  4. The name of the customer must be displayed in the video to enhance its credibility. Contact details of the customer can be provided so that someone watching the video is assured that the testimonial is a real one.
  5. A killer video is one that is to the point. An ideal testimonial will be for around 3 minutes in duration. Longer videos may not be viewed as the attention span of people is not very high. A 3 to 4- minute video is perfect. Links can be provided in the video if anyone is interested in more information.
  6. A single video with one customer can be either shot or a video with more than one customer. The second option envisages using a collage of videos with different customers talking about their experience.
  7. The testimonial must not talk about the features of the product. It must highlight the benefits. The problem faced by a customer and how the product was an apt solution should be the highlight of the video to ensure it is effective.
  8. The video must be shot in natural settings, like in the customer’s home or office. This makes it look natural and not like an ad.

Following these guidelines can help to create a killer video testimonial to promote a business.

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