How Google Analytics cross device reports can help double your sales?

To track the user’s activities on multiple devices, web browsers and their visits are one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers. It will help you understand the various devices which are playing an important role in the conversion of the website traffic. To make this possible, Google analytics announce a new feature in its new beta version named “cross-device tracking/reporting”. 

Google Analytics cross device tracking works with cookies saved on the devices of the user. Cookies recognize the user when they come back to the website and cookie save their preferences as well as interactions on the website. 

User ID is one of the recent features of Google analytics to track the various devices. But marketers have to face very serious issues, which are that most of the times, users do not sign up to the website. So, it is advisable to the companies that they must ask the users to save the cookies in their browser so that they can detect the user interests and needs. Let’s discuss various benefits of cross-device tracking feature of Google analytics.

1. Customer lifetime value capabilities

To evaluate the customer lifetime value is one of the amazing features of the Google analytics cross-device tracking. Considering the value of one customer helps you guide the marketing campaigns to enhance brand loyalty and increase sales. It provides you with the capability to design the customer segment and export them in the Google ad product. With the definition of the right segment, organizations can track the right customer with messages and ads to boost conversions and sales.

2. Data Refresh

Google analytics cross-device reporting feature refreshes the user data every 24 hours. With this, you will get updated data every time to make new reports. With this feature, you will be capable of knowing that various activities of the user on different devices. This will help the organizations to make effective decisions based on all new updated information.

3. Not sampled reporting

    Cross-device reporting helps the marketers to fix the sampling inaccuracies in reporting. This is done with the help of analysis based on sampling the website traffic visits. It not only focuses on a single visit, but it also focuses on multiple visits of multiple users. Google analytics consulting solutions help you to make reports with the help of sampled as well as not sampled data of the various users on various devices.

4. Roll-up Reporting

    Google analytics cross-device reporting offers the capability to the customers to view the data from more than one domain at a single period. The organizations can view the conglomerate data from more than one domain in one interface. Roll-up reporting gives power to the users to understand the overall picture of the business growth on the cross-device customer journey.

5. Dedicated support and training

It includes a dedicated account manager for different websites. Also, you can take the help of our officials to handle the transition of Google analytics and website. It also helps keep you updated with the all new data every time you log in to your analytics account.

6. Advertising integration

Cross-device reporting helps the marketers to design the integrations for Google Ad word campaigns, Double click ad campaigns, and Google display network. It allows the marketers to detect the ability of the website of the different views and devices to make them much better for the users. Marketers can analyze the cross-customer journey to get insights from each viewpoint with customers.

Cross device tracking can help for a successive Marketing Campaign. Do you agree or not?

It is an imperative thing, because it allows the advertisers to check whether the ad served via desktop resulted in a mobile purchase. Also read our blog on Increasing your online sales using Google Analytics tools.

7. Service Level Agreements

Your data is covered with the Google analytics level agreements. As a marketer, your responsibilities are to cover all the robust capabilities and the various benefits of Google analytics. All companies have full access to various accounts and information. It provides you with the opportunity to check and handle the various services of the company to generate more profits.

8. Data-driven attributes

You will get the ability to analyze the whole customer journey from entering the website to exiting the website. You can also determine the sources through which they came to the website and also determine what are the various devices they are using. Data-driven approach lets you have all the detailed information so that you can easily optimize the keywords that are performing well to support you to get better results.

9. Large volume reporting and metrics

You can get large volume reports with more and more metrics. A report generated with the cross-device reporting will help you generate the reports which can hold thousands of data fields which are holding information related to the performance factors of the website on different platforms and devices. Reports are also capable of telling you what the various loopholes are so that you can easily fix them to provide customers with a better experience.

10. BigQuery Integration

BigQuery is a kind of warehouse platform created with large scale of analytical features. The platform is built with maximum security, and it enables you to analyze the real-time data of the website. Google analytics cross-device reporting – BigQuery helps the marketers to store the real-time data in the warehouse for security and privacy concerns.


There is no doubt that there is a lot of valuable, actionable data available for marketers. But there is only one experience of cross-device reporting which enables you to figure out the likings and disliking of the customers. This is also helpful for marketers in the remarketing facility. According to Google, this feature will help more than thousands of accounts to increase their customers and conversion ratio in the coming few months if they use the feature in the proper manner. If you have any of the queries, suggestions and feedback regarding the Google analytics cross-device reporting feature, then feel free to ask in the comments section. For more exciting blogs, keep reading and stay with us.        

Guest article written by: Muthamilselvan is a passionate Content Marketer and SEO Analyst. He has 4 years of hands on experience in Digital Marketing with IT and Service sectors.

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