Tencent And Its Profit On Mobile Gaming Popularity

by Klaus on August 28, 2019

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Playing games is always entertaining. Those who like to play on the go can savor online gaming from their mobile devices. No matter whether you are playing mobile casino games for real money or choose mobile games to play here with friends, you’ll always have a great choice of gaming opportunities. Big corporations are always here to provide you with the best gaming options.

Chinese company Tencent is the biggest gaming company, which was founded in 1998. The basis of business is games and social networks. In addition to games, the main drivers of growth are advertising services, online payments, and investments.

Recently, Tencent has reported an increase in profits aided by the continued popularity of mobile games. Monthly active users of social media platform WeChat, passed the mark of one billion. And Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” has become one of the most popular mobile games in China in terms of daily active users.

Tencent’s  Social Networks and Messengers

QQ is essentially an analog of ICQ, the first Tencent project launched in 1999. It earns on advertising and IVAS — additional paid services like VIP-status, lighting avatars and so on.

QZone, launched in 2005, is an analog of MySpace, where you can upload photos or start a blog. Later QQ messenger accounts were added. As a result, a social network has occurred.

WeChat is the analog of WhatsApp, a mobile messager tied to the phone number.

In 2013 WeChat Wallet was created, in 2014 QQ Wallet has appeared within relevant applications.

Tencent’s Games

Tencent is considered to be one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Recently, Tencent has reported a significant increase in profits of the company.

gain profit

Most analysts link this success with the company’s new advertising strategy concerning its two messengers “WeChat” and “QQ”, as well as with the rapid growth of profits gained from Tencent mobile games. Over the past year, revenue from the Tencent online gaming sector has doubled. The acquisition of Supercell has become the most important and profitable decision of Tencent. Together with Supercell, a well-known developer of online games, the company has got such hits of the mobile market as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. At the moment, the income from online mobile games is more than half of the total income of the Chinese company.

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According to projections, the mobile games market will only grow in the future. According to statistics, more than 180 million people play mobile games in the USA only – this represents about 56% of the population of the entire country. This shows how popular online gaming is.

The most popular Tencent’s online games are:

  •       Honored of Kings
  •       Contra Return
  •       Dragon Nest Mobile
  •       Legacy TLBB Mobile

For 20 years, Tencent has evolved from a modest messenger developer into a huge business machine that dictates its terms to the entire Chinese market. And a considerable share of success comprises the gaming industry which is so popular among people.


Why mobile games online are becoming more and more popular?  The answer is because phones have become not only a means of communication nowadays. More and more users choose convenient playing on the go through their mobile devices.

Modern smartphones are multimedia multifunctional devices that can satisfy our numerous requests, including our gaming requirements.

Why online games are so popular nowadays in your opinion? What are your favorite online games? Don’t be shy to share your opinion.

Guest article written by: Joshua Sherman is the real fan of mobile games who gives his professional recommendations in the sphere of gaming. In today’s article, he gives a brief overview of the biggest gaming company Tencent. The overview also contains the most popular Tencent’s mobile games.


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