Tricks To Manage Inventory For Your Salon Business

by Guest Author on September 19, 2019

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Managing inventory for your salon business is an important job. Don’t take it lightly. As a salon business owner, you should think that inventory is the biggest asset of your salon. You will get so many issues in your salon business such as lost profits, loss of opportunity to sell more products, and a waste of capital. Here, if you got another issue related to inventory management then it may lead to business failures. Many salon owners don’t even bother to manage their inventory at all, but if you manage your inventory properly, it can maximize profits by properly maintaining accurate model quantities of your inventory. So, in this post, we are going to share some interesting tricks that will help you manage inventory for your salon business properly.

Understand the Goals of Your Salon Inventory Control System:

Having a clear understanding and vision in your mind regarding your salon’s inventory management can help you recognize the things easily.  Because when we have a structural layout of something, we can easily work on that part. It is a famous fact! So, if you are a salon owner and want to manage your inventory control then these 3 key goals you should definitely accomplish before moving ahead. Knowing these goals will help in letting you know that your current system is effective or not?  Does it need any improvement, and how it can be improved. 

  • Your system should involve a strategic plan for how much inventory to order, keep, seel, and when to re-order.
  • Your system should be like it let you know what is in your salon inventory at all times and what needs to bring for the future. 
  • Your system should have a clear path for detecting & updating changes in your salon inventory.

Make Good Relations With Product Companies:

As a salon owner, it will be your responsibility to stock and order the best products for your salon. When working with product companies, keep in mind that they are very used to giving away free product and offers on their product packages in order to gain you as a potential client. Don’t be afraid at this time. You just need to ask for back-bar samples and inquire about continued support and product education that will they offer it to your staff members or not? 

Most of the product companies bring their representatives in your salon to give your staff members a product demo for the stylist to inspire them to sell and develop brand loyalty. This way your team can interestingly participate in the demo session and enhance their knowledge about the product that becomes a good opportunity for you to train them without any external source like an expensive Salonist software. Make sure by this, you become successful to make a healthy relationship with product companies to manage your inventory well. 

Assign Inventory Management Duties:

If you want to handle over- or under-ordering related tasks in your salon, then assign one person to take care of inventory. It can help you prevent mix-ups the things, orders, appointments, and sales-related reports. Ideally, the salon manager should handle inventory. If you don’t have a salon cum inventory manager in your salon, then hire him on an urgent basis. Your inventory manager will not only make & process orders but also physically check-in all the orders when they arrive, put them on the shelves accordingly, and input the products into your system to ensure that everyone in the salon can easily determine what products are on hand. It will definitely help you manage your inventory in a simple and hassle-manner manner. One thing you need to ensure that the person you hire for inventory management should possess the desired experience. 

Apart from these tricks, there are so many tricks that you can know to manage your salon’s inventory management. Because your Salon management entirely depends upon inventory control, So,  it should be as effective as you can make it. 


These above are the few best tricks from the many more to help you manage your inventory control management properly. Be implementing regularly such tricks you will definitely achieve a better level of inventory management for your salon business. Rest, if you wish to know more such tricks then let us know. We’ll help you by providing you with more such amazing tricks.

Guest article written by: Julia Ching is associated with Salonist Software, where she is working as a writer. She manages all content management projects and is keenly interested in writing technology, CRM software and Business Software related topics.

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