How to Capture High Quality Images for Web Design

When a viewer visits the organization’s website, the first thing that they notice is its visual content. Hence, to engage the viewer’s posting of high quality, unique, informative, and engaging visual content is essential. The first and foremost thing that makes a visual content attractive is the quality of the images and videos. 

The question arises whether you want to click the photos on your own or you want to hire a professional. One amateurish image can make the viewer question the credibility of your website. Whereas, attractive images with professional look makes a lot of difference. If you are planning to click the photos by yourself, there are a few essential attributes of photography that you need to keep in mind. 

Tips for capturing high-quality photos for the website  

Stand Further Away From Your Subject Than You Would Normally

While clicking the photo, make sure that your subject should be in focus. While clicking the photo, keep the distance between you and the subject such that it’s not too less as the image will appear out of context and too far would make you lose the details.

Nowadays, images used for websites are much wider as compared to their tallness. Wider images have more space on both sides, which further gives freedom to the photographer to crop the image. 

Invest in a Lightbox for Product Photography

If you are looking forward to clicking a professional photo, invest some of your time and money in purchasing a lightbox. A lightbox is an electrical device used to diffuse light. If you are going to click the photo of your “product,” the lightbox can be very helpful. It allows shadow-less and bright lighting hence giving crisp photography keeping your product in focus.

Use Low Iso, Wide Aperture, and a Tripod

If you are a professional photographer, you are aware of the role of ISO, a Tripod, and a wide aperture in photography.

Low ISO: 

Keeping ISO below 500 works with most of the cameras. An ISO above this might result in an unsharp and grainy image.

Wide Aperture:

Keeping the aperture at wildest allows clicking an artistic, attractive and professional-looking photo. Wide aperture works best where you need to have a shallow depth of field. In case your image needs deep depth-in-field, then a smaller aperture would be the right choice. 

A Tripod: 

A tripod is a basic photography accessory that is essential for clicking professional-looking photos. It keeps the camera still while shooting images. It allows clicking a crisp and clear photo irrespective of the shutter speed. 

Make Sure You Have the Proper Resolution

Viewers can access your website from either their laptops, smartphones, or desktop screens. Hence, the image posted by you on your website must look good on all the devices. As per professional like “Dhaval Patel Photography,” a high resolution (72dpi) would survive this purpose.  In case you are using a high-resolution camera, you won’t have any problem. If you are going to use a smartphone to click images, then remember ‘higher the resolution better would be the result.’ Just be careful while cropping and resizing the image. 

Set Up Your Photo Carefully and Look in the Background

Background plays a vital role in any photograph. Using a simple background can make your subject stand out in the photo. If you want to keep your background plain, you can use the sheet or cardstock. If you are looking for more creativity, you can go for outdoor photography. 

Use Some Basic Editing Tools

With so many apps and editing tools available, editing the photographs is not that difficult. You can use these tools to make minor adjustments and make your image look more beautiful.

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