How to Know About  Large Format Printing and Its Services?

There had been a time not very long ago when the large format printing was an expensive task. Only a few companies used to offer the large format printing services. In recent years, large format digital printing services easily affordable and you can find such printing technology in digital printing field. That is great news for the designers, especially the ones who remember the task of printing their banners and signs by one letter at a time (then getting them covered with spray glue while trying to stick all of them together?)


What Is Large Format Printing? 

The Large Format Printing refers to the print materials which are very large to be printed on the readily available commercial printing presses. Sometimes even known as the wide-format printing or the grand-format printing, the large format printings need some special production equipments. With digital large printing services, you can develop large sized images on flexible materials and you can use them for your business promotion. 

Large Format Printing Offers The Following Services: 

For the print industry, the term “large format” is said to be a relative term since the maximum print sizes vary from one printer to another printer. In general, the large format refers to the below-mentioned categories of print materials:

  • Maps, Diagrams, and Charts
  • Window and Wall Posters
  • Large Wall Calendars
  • Event Announcements
  • Promotional Signage
  • Store Displays
  • Child Growth Charts
  • Standees
  • Horizontal or Vertical Banners
  • Important Notices for any group such as workers, Students, etc. 

As can be seen, the large format printing has multiple uses. This can be used to attract the attention of the audience from afar, to offer a quick reference, or to give a large view in a classroom or at any other instructional setting. Most of the businesses make use of the large format print materials mainly for promotional purposes.

Products Available With Large Format Printing

Some of the large format printing companies possess a larger product range as compared to the rest. A good company must supply everything that is needed to promote the business in a better way. Some of the most popular products offered by any reputed large format printing company are as follows: 

  • Indoor and outdoor posters: With the large format printing services one can have in the range of 48-96inches posters and such printings are very cost-effectively.
  • Roll-up Banner Stands: They are extremely popular and portable promotional tools which are used almost everywhere, from retail or business premises to large exhibitions or event venues. You can design some promotional banners, standalone signs and promotional posters with digital printing. It is a quick process that can deliver your large sized printings within two to three days. 
  • Self-adhesive Vinyl: The Long-lasting and durable self-adhesive vinyl are considered to be perfect for creating a large impact inside or outside. The high definition digital printers can produce eye-catching vinyl graphics which are equally striking on the windows, the walls or the hoardings.
  • PVC Vinyl Banners: these water-resistant and hard-wearing PVC vinyl banners are almost 5m long and are accompanied with eyelets to enable easy hanging.  You can easily design such banners to promote your brand. Today, you can find some online digital printing solutions that offer instant printing facility and you can upload your design on their website to get your banner done. 


Thus, it can be seen that there are multiple uses of the large format printing. You can promote your company with large format printing materials and you can easily design such printing materials online. Even you can use the pre-set templates available on online digital printing solutions to design your promotional banner or hoardings. 

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