[Infographic] How To Use Visual Cues To Improve UX

Every time you land on a website, the first thing you’ll notice is its overall design. As you navigate your way through the pages to find what you’re looking for, its user-friendliness is next on the list. These are two essential factors that visitors look for in terms of user experience.

However, for the more meticulous users, they generally go beyond these two factors and take a closer look at visual cues. These are essential in helping visitors find their way through your website. It’s like a roadmap that guides them to where they need to go so that they can make the most of your content.

A website that delivers a stellar user experience can influence customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of them coming back to look for more of what you offer. Visual cues can help guide you in building a website that’s focused on a potential customer’s user experience. To help you do this, check out this infographic, so you can be on your way to building the perfect website for hitting your goals.


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  1. Incredible tips you have here, Emily! thank you for breaking it down so well. Indeed, visual cues are important and when done correctly, the website can work fluently for the users. In this time and age, UX must be a priority and visual cues should be given more focus. Plus, the infographic is stunning. Thanks for sharing this.


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