3 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home and Business

Saving as much energy as possible is a good idea. It’s a positive step forward for the environment and keeping the planet healthy, but it’s also, on a more direct and personal level, a good way to save money. You can do this both at home, and in your business if you have one, so that every aspect is covered by your energy savings ideas. Here are a few to get started with. 

Lower the Thermostat

Your thermostat is key to saving energy within your home or office space. If you can possibly lower it, even by just a few degrees, you will automatically be saving money. You need to find the right balance of being comfortable and environmentally friendly. This will take a little trial and error, but it will be worth it. 

Lowering the thermostat at home is an easier thing to do than at the office. There are generally more people in an office than there will be at home (although of course this is not always the case), so ensuring everyone is comfortable is going to be a little more difficult. However, if you can strike this great balance you can save money and energy in one go. You can even install home automation which makes it easier than ever to save energy. Using a handheld device, you can turn your heating on and off and adjust the thermostat’s setting remotely. 

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced 

Many people have an air conditioning unit within their homes and offices. These wonderful pieces of equipment are perfect for keeping people comfortable and productive during the hottest months, but they can cause problems too. For one thing, they use a substantial amount of energy in their daily duty. 

Having your air conditioning unit serviced on a regular basis will keep it working as efficiently as possible, and although it might still use energy, it won’t use as much as if it is failing or simply not working as well as it could do. 

Use Less Water

Do you think about the amount of water you use? For many, it’s just something that comes out of the faucet and that they don’t really consider to be part of their energy bills. However, you do need to pay for water and wasting it is bad for the environment. The less wastage you have and the less water you use, the better for everyone

This is an easy thing to implement at home. Don’t leave the faucet running when brushing your teeth, have showers rather than baths for the majority of the time, think about when you are using water and what you are using it for. At your office it can be different as you’re not able to watch what everyone is doing all the time. However, try to implement a rule so that your staff is aware of what you want from them in terms of energy saving, specifically with regards to water. 

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  1. These are really great tips! Being energy conscious is super important, and it really makes a big difference!


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