5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies Proven to Win More Customers

by Emily on November 1, 2020

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It is 2020 and the buying process has changed a lot. It is not enough to reach people and gain more customers only with marketing. As with the changing times, customers are also becoming more aware of unlimited options available at a single click. There is a lot of chatter on the internet and multiple options are readily available at competitive prices and your main goal is to make them stick to your brand for purchase.

So lead nurturing is one of the constant challenges for the marketer and continues to be one of the primary tasks. This goes as much for B2B as for B2C lead generation companies. Now, if you are struggling with the shift from being company-centric to consumer-centric, finding customers, and you don’t want to enter the new year with the same problems, we are here to devise you some lead generation strategies to help you stay relevant in the changing landscape.

Why do you need lead generation strategies?

The answer to this is simple- for a business to produce the desired outcome continually and stay ahead of the competition they need a strategy for reaching qualified leads and a strong and unique brand image that is going to turn the leads from a passive browser to an active lead. 

With the help of a B2B lead generation company, one can survive the challenges, bring quality traffic to their website, and produce leads that can turn into paying customers later. Without a strategy, you will eventually struggle to make your brand stand out in the B2B market, especially with the abundance of online and continually increasing competition.

Generating and nurturing leads, in big-picture terms, is a necessity for anyone trying to develop their brand. However, it is crucial to understand that it is not what marketer or lead generation companies do to generate leads that counts- it is the manner in which they cope with the leads while they win them. Moreover, the strategies will be useless until we know how to approach and reap solid conversions more effectively.

B2B companies can commit a lot of mistakes while lead generation, further pulling themselves down the race. Fortunately, a B2B lead generation company can help you fix those problems quickly. So, without any further delays let’s look into 5 major B2B lead generation strategies that agencies follow when tailored to your niche can help you develop a winning lead generation program:

Target hyper-segmented audience with Email Marketing!

Any business can offer quality products at a fair price, but the real work is to nurture those leads and keep your message straight out among a seemingly endless number of choices. There are dozens of ways to generate quality leads- be it social media, SEO, or PPC to name a few. All these strategies redirect the leads to fill up a subscription form which is not the best customer experience. With email marketing businesses can target audiences and leverage content personalization to warm up the new leads and improve engagement at each step of the sales funnel. In addition to improving the conversion rate, the email campaigns when cautiously crafted with a defined CTA can improve retention rate and increase customer lifetime value.

Build long-term connections with Direct Mail!

Gaining trust and a positive reputation is essential for businesses in the long-term, especially when it comes to small businesses working on a small and well-defined target audience. B2B companies can make the use of direct mails and build connections rather than trying to sell at first. With this in mind, marketers or agencies can help you align a strategy which combines your lead generation procedure and other brand-building activities, to create a personalized direct mail that is hard-hitting. Here are some ways to get their attention and set up a reliable reputation in the market:

  • An ebook updating the user on the products or services.
  • Interacting with videos and answering their queries gives an impact that you are accessible whenever a problem arises.
  • Inviting them to webinars and establishing trust with other B2B companies so that they can be drawn to your organization.

Connect with decision-makers with LinkedIn Messaging.

Social media now is not only limited to providing people with valuable content or building authority over others. You don’t want to end your involvement there and operate your business in a vacuum without connecting with others. Interact directly with the companies selling products similar to yours or whose products or services can complement yours. Get their point of view, understand their problems, and offer help catering to their needs and requirements. In the proper context of this, a private message to a decision-maker can quite possibly lead to a new client.

Get in as many conversations as possible with Cold Calling!

Gone are the days when businesses used to rely on their websites, social media channels, or blog posts for leads. Lead generation is also about introducing your brand or business to a prospective customer you found that has no previous contact with you. Make sure each call you make has a meaning, is personalized, and doesn’t look scripted. It can be extremely effective when done right with the help of a B2B lead generation company.

Align efforts by following up!

Many businesses and their teams make the mistake of working as separate entities centered around acquiring new leads. And in this run what they fail to do is streamlining the prospective clients they reached before who have already advanced through the pipeline. Take our advice on board and respond or follow up with a lead in 3-4 days otherwise, there are chances of losing a qualified lead.

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Somoy News November 1, 2020 at 13:50

Awesome post. I must say to everyone please read the post very carefully and get extra knowledge about B2B.


MODERN LEAD FUNNELS March 4, 2021 at 07:34

Very well-written blog.Thanks for sharing and too much detailed and informative.
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Melissa Jannet March 25, 2021 at 10:01

Lead generation is a immortal sector in case of marketing. There are many ways to generate leads. Most of the old ways don’t work anymore. Thanks for sharing the proven ways and they really comply with the modern technology! Keep up the Good work 🙂



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