8 SEO Marketing Trends Entrepreneurs Must Know In 2020

by Emily on April 15, 2020

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Though there are many things that do not change in SEO, such as keywords, backlinks, optimisation for all devices etc., there are things that are not constant and keep changing. These trends are what make the SEO market so very dynamic. To keep up with the changes, every SEO company in India needs to alter its plans, look at other means to keep its clients on top of the results page. 

Some of the key trends that have started showing signs of becoming important for the new year are: 

  • One-Stop-Shop 

Google and other major search engines are attempting to provide their users with the desired information without having to visit any website. The most relevant result to a query can be seen right there on the results page as snippets and knowledge graphs in addition to the existing images and video results. Businesses now need to redefine their SEO campaigns to work with this new framework of Google. What does this mean for business owners? 

  • Featured Snippets

There is the need to customise your SEO plans to feature in snippets. There are two types of snippets available to the users – featured and rich. 

Rich snippets show some additional information such as reviews, images, products and pricing. These improve your visibility, but the improvement to click-through rate is not as high as a featured snippet.

Featured snippets, which appear as a box with the most relevant answer to a query, are tougher to scale but good for conversion. You can get there, with the help of the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, Techmagnate by creating precise content after analysing the questions posed by users. You can also look at Google suggestions that come up when you type your keywords as a guide for questions that need answers.

  • Advanced Mechanisms for Effective Ranking

As far as Google is concerned, there has been constant efforts to improve the user experience for which they apply various algorithms. These help them understand the exact query, understand the behaviour of their users and avoid pages that have been forcibly stuffed with keywords. The latest in the list of algorithms is BERT and it is used to analyse the query to get a contextual understanding of the keywords used. The only way to get past BERT is to create content of excellent quality that is genuine and relevant. 

  • Organic SEO Through Social Media Is Ineffective

Social media is not able to provide as much organic traffic as it did earlier, though paid advertising is still strong. The ROI is likely to reduce through these channels with increased activity leading to higher expense. 

  • Link-less Mentions on Social Media Help in Brand Building

Adding mentions without really creating links, on the other hand, are considered for ranking signals. Building relevant mentions is more important now and should go hand in hand with managing quality link profiles. These are currently given higher weightage than backlinks as they are considered to be more genuine.

Social Media Listening can be utilised to cash upon every mention of not just your brand but also your product or service.

  • Website Speed Should be Managed for Improved Ranking

The speed of a website has always been important for improving user experience and if it is not managed, the bounce rate is high. Now, it is also important for ranking purpose. If you have a slow website, you can expect it to rank low. You can check the speed of your website by using certain tools and monitor it to understand the factors that could be slowing it down. Manage them and you could be back on track.

  • Voice Search Optimisation Should Be Taken Seriously

Voice search has come a long way from being a novelty to becoming a trend. People are using it for more and more of their activity as it helps them save time and gives hands-free access to information. Voice search is generally carried out in the form of short questions in a more colloquial language. These should be kept in mind when deciding on keywords for voice search optimization. 

  • Importance of Structured Data Is Growing More than Ever

Structured data can also be understood as organised website data. The information that can be seen with the meta description of a website is one type of structured data, while knowledge graph, which is frequently seen on the right-hand side of Google SERP, is another. Structured data helps the search engines to crawl your website quickly.

These are the trends that can be seen now. They could be gone soon and replaced by some others. As the search engines evolve, so do the trends. Every SEO company in India will also have to change its plans at the same rate.

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