How far AI Has Come in the IT World

by Emily on August 24, 2020

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Computers are inanimate things, and, as such, they cannot process the world around them. Therefore, they depend on humans for data entry. However, the problem with humans is that they are subjective, prone to errors and have limited knowledge on certain issues. For artificial intelligence to truly reach its full potential, both hardware and software must advance. So, for this trend to truly grow, the AI has to learn how to perceive the world around it and then possess the necessary tools to process the data that it has gathered. Here’s how far this has come in the IT world.

1. Vision and hearing

The main reason why so many people use the voice search option is due to the fact that Google’s voice search algorithm has grown tremendously in the last several years. This is not an isolated case, seeing as how there’s been a major technological breakthrough in the field of computer vision and hearing, in general. Speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and optical character recognition are just some of the examples. Image and video recognition and facial recognition (in the field of biometrics) are also major improvements.

2. Natural language generation

The interpretation of language is also incredibly important for the functioning of a self-sufficient AI. First of all, you need to implement the AI with a natural language understanding, which often requires more than just semantics. The in-depth knowledge of the context and subtleties of language (language pragmatism) is essential but also quite hard to code in. From the standpoint of IT, when complete, this would enable machine translation mechanic with an incredibly high level of accuracy. Speaking of which, it’s something that could bring the rest of the globe together.

3. Machine learning and decision-making

The concept of machine learning is a method that is heavily dependent on data mining, deep learning, and sophisticated recommended systems. However, this goes far beyond just deep learning, which is why a lot of people actually believe. There are also the notions of reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, and supervised learning to be added to his equation. Keep in mind that this alone could, in time, result in advanced case-based reasoning. Such a thing, nonetheless, would require an expert system but could definitely revolutionize the world of IT as we know it.

4. Practical advantages

The practical use of AI in the real world, or, better yet, the use of a sophisticated AI service deck, brings many benefits to the table. Besides having a self-reliant system, it also allows a business to develop intelligent custom workflows and applications to match their needs. Due to the fact that, in the past, this was an incredibly costly process, you get the privilege of getting the right resources for just a fraction of the cost. Not to mention the fact that you get to lift a massive load off the backs of your employees, which you can subsequently put in charge of other tasks.

5. Process automation

One last thing worth mentioning here is the importance of process automation, which surpasses the capacity of even the most capable human teams and specialists. Never-ending manual tasks are not just dangerous for your staff’s morale but can also dampen the focus of your workforce, thus making mistakes far more likely to happen. A mistake can be either costly, dangerous, or inconvenient. Either way, this will allow you to avoid it. Now, traditional process automation is nowhere near resilient to systemic errors as its AI counterpart. This alone would be reason enough for you to invest in.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, we live in the digital world where the response speed makes a difference between life and death. Humans in traditional work setting and with traditional means on their hands are no longer competitive enough and they need something to provides them the necessary competitive edge. The AI-based tools may just be the thing that you were looking for. Other than making one’s job easier, one’s processes quicker and less expensive, they are also incredible for the morale and the longevity of one’s interest in their respective profession.


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Eva Smith August 25, 2020 at 12:20

Nice blog post about AI and it’s uses. Nice blog post keep the good work going.

Adiwasi Gana September 7, 2020 at 11:36

I was reading this and i realy found what i was looking for your article is really informative and i’ll be grɑteful if ʏou keep writing in the future.


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