An Alternative to The Hoth: Link Building Services You Can Count On

Finding the right link building service can often feel like throwing darts while blindfolded. Every now and again, you’re bound to land on something solid but the majority of the time, you won’t even hit the board. That’s why it’s so easy to settle for popular link building services like The Hoth.

And no, not the Battle of Hoth. The Hoth has nothing to do with Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, or the Millennium Falcon. While The Hoth is a popular SEO service, there are still plenty of alternatives that are doing link building and guest posts—and doing them better. That’s where LinkGraph comes in.

Stronger Link Building

If you’re primarily interested in link building, it’s easy to see why you’d choose The Hoth. The site has positive online reviews and may seem like the obvious choice. However, despite what a good Hoth review might say, there has also been a fair share of negative feedback. This is because The Hoth offers moderately impactful link building… for a price. If you’re content with one premium package that leaves the heavy lifting to you, that’s fine. However, if you want to see lasting effects, you’ll have to shell out. In fact, The Hoth plans on users needing to come back time and time again to keep their SEO working. Their link building bundles come at a high cost. While you can get a bulk purchasing discount, it’s not the easiest way to source your content services.

LinkGraph, on the other hand, offers more impactful link building services and even provides managed campaigns. That means you aren’t saddled with half-finished SEO and expected to do the rest yourself. And while LinkGraph doesn’t offer a “free trial,” so to speak, it does offer free consultations to assess the state of your link building profile.

Higher Quality Content Creation

Link building is only a single piece of the puzzle. In fact, many of your backlinks won’t make much of a difference unless you’re working with an SEO agency that has mastered content creation. Just turn to the reputation management site Glassdoor. While many employees post great reviews of The Hoth, several of their writers have less-than-flattering opinions. Some of the online reviews complain about the quality of blog posts and others note that the vetting process isn’t remotely intensive enough to source quality content creation. While so-so writing may work for local businesses, larger brands will struggle to stick out with a Hoth guest post. If it’s coming from a Hoth blogger, you might want to be wary.

As one of many alternatives to The Hoth, LinkGraph has a stronger vetting process. The site uses a custom-built optimization tool to guide writers during the content creation process. Blog posts are always reviewed for accuracy and placed on higher domain authority sites. This white label SEO service has great reviews and is a proven favorite of both its employees and its users.

Making a Choice

Of course, choosing an SEO agency can be an incredibly subjective experience. Whether you’re interested in competing against local businesses or you need stronger guest post opportunities, both services do have something to offer. While a guest post from a Hoth blogger may not always read as strongly as a LinkGraph guest post, it’s fair to say that any form of decent SEO is better than no optimization at all. In fact, if you’re willing to pay for a premium bundle, a Hoth guest post may work just fine for you. However, if it’s quality, affordability, and long-lasting results that you crave, you’d be best served by choosing the link building and guest post experts at LinkGraph.

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  2. That is very true. Your advice is quite true but the problem comes in when some of these SEO agencies perform black hat techniques that hurt your site. So how do you really ensure if your site is actually getting quality backlinks.

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