All You Need to Know About the Mobile Content Delivery Network Market 

by Emily on November 19, 2020

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In today’s world that is extensively connected by the Internet, mobile content delivery network (Mobile CDN) solutions play an increasingly important role in accommodating a wide variety of devices and dynamically generated content. A reliable mobile content delivery network is one of the most significant demands of Internet users. A mobile content delivery network, also known as a mobile content distribution network, refers to a wide-ranging network of servers that cooperate to optimize content delivery to end-users over wireless or mobile networks. Mobile content delivery networks are an integral part of any Internet business strategy and help deliver content to mobile devices such as smartphones in the blink of an eye. The significant advantages of mobile CDN include reduced webpage loading time, improved traffic management, enhanced network security, fast and efficient delivery, and high scalability.

Integration of Mobile Delivery Services

Mobile content delivery networks integrate mobile delivery services to optimize the delivery of various content types, including on-demand video and live video streaming. In the case of video content delivery, mobile CDN performs a wide range of functions, such as device detection, video transcoding, image rendering, and bit-rate adaptation. Thus, mobile CDN helps overcome numerous Internet shortcomings when accessing web content through user-perceived Quality of Service (QoS). Mobile CDN solutions are widely implemented to optimize bandwidth and offer greater resilience. 

Surging Adoption of BYOD Is a Key Market Growth Propeller

The global mobile content delivery network market is poised to gain momentum in the coming years. The rising demand for smart devices and engaging content, surging need for faster mobile web access, the emergence of rich media content, increasing demand for video streaming content, and the growing adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) across various industries are some of the pivotal factors likely to spur the growth of the market. However, the efficient delivery of Quality of Service (QoS), increasing pricing pressure, unreliable connectivity, and constant monetization of mobile sites pose major challenges to the global market growth. 

Three Major Companies Offering Mobile CDN Solutions

Akamai: The global leader in content delivery network services, Akamai’s world-class mobile CDN solutions aid in improving web performance, facilitating enterprise mobility, enhancing cloud security, and fast-tracking content delivery on the go. These solutions are based on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, one of the world’s best cloud-based platforms securely delivering content to user devices. Akamai’s unparalleled mobile CDN operator serves over two trillion Internet interactions per day.

ChinaCache: ChinaCache is the first China-based nationally-licensed content delivery network provider.  Alongside providing cutting-edge CDN solutions, ChinaCache offers Internet Exchange operations, Internet data center management, and cloud hosting services. Furthermore, ChinaCache’s top-notch security measures have protected clients from millions of cyberattacks.

AT&T: The leading American telecom company AT&T is one of the top content delivery network solutions providers. The company’s web and mobile CDN solutions provide enhanced security and faster performance to enrich user experiences. Its cloud-based security, bot management, and DDoS mitigation help protect enterprises from cyberattacks, ransomware, and malware, which is how AT&T’s CDN services offer improved mobile user engagement and optimized content delivery. 

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thanks for the article. this is perfect content for understanding the mobile content delivery network market.
A mobile content delivery network or mobile content distribution network (Mobile CDN) is an organization of servers – frameworks, PCs, or gadgets – that participate straightforwardly to enhance the conveyance of substance to end-clients on a remote or mobile network.



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