Something You Must Do Before Selling Laptops

Many consumers choose to sell laptops that have been used for a long time. Laptops contain a lot of information and privacy of users. So is there anything you must do before the laptop for sale

First of all, notebook computers store users’ personal privacy, information, data, etc. People are easy to recover the deletion or formatting of files by data. So the correct approach is to format the computer hard disk before sale. Solid-state disk manufacturers provide maintenance software, which includes safe erase functions. Samsung’s Magician, and the erasing function of solid-state disk are erased. We cannot recover them. If the system is Win10, you can use the recovery factory function of Win10. You should pay attention to erasing all drives during recovery. So you can restore the computer data to the initial state. 

Secondly, if the notebook computer is Mac OS, you can back up the data in the notebook to the cloud. You can exit your account including Apple ID and iCloud. You can cancel the pairing of Bluetooth, etc. after you finish the backup. Then you can restore the system to the factory settings. You can erase the hard disk drive, and re-install Mac OS.

Of course, if the consumer’s notebook computer contains important information. You can remove the hard disk and memory. The safest way is to sell it without the hard disk, which can ensure that nobody can leak the information. 

When selling laptops, consumers must inform buyers. Consumers should let them know whether the computer has been repaired or replaced with hardware records. And consumers should provide the information of hardware configuration and the degree of new and old. In this way, buyers can consider whether the price matches the notebook computer. Of course, the current price of digital products fluctuates a lot. If the long-term sale fails, people should adjust the price. 

At last, it is the selling price. Consumers determine the configuration and performance of the notebook computer before selling it. Then consumers go to the official website to inquire some information. Information are estimated recovery price of the laptop. In this way, consumers will have an estimated recycling price for the laptop. Of course, the current network is so developed. Consumers can place all the product parameters and recycling prices of laptops for sale on the web page. 

The sale of laptops involves the personal privacy of users and the accounts in notebook computers. There are differences in the processing methods of notebook computers among various brands. There are Windows operating system and Mac OS. But the ultimate goal is to remove the user data and data from the computer. If consumers feel worry about it, they can only disassemble the hard disk. 

Therefore, we should pay attention to deleting the contents of the hard disk before selling. So we can protect our privacy.

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  1. Hi

    Deleting all data with an erase tool that makes sure that your data is not to restore is important to do. I just think that many people think it is enough just to delete the date or reinstall the OS. That is for sure not enough. It will still be possible to restore many files on the disk. eg. pictures and documents. You don’t want that, wright.


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