Basic Tips for a Stress-Free Move to Your New Home

by Emily on February 24, 2020

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If you have recently decided to move to a different house and packed all of your stuff, or at least called the movers phoenix to move it all, then perhaps you breathed a sigh of relief. However, it turns out you still got a lot to do! You still have to unpack your stuff, and that alone can really take you weeks if you only do it by yourself and if you packed in a disorganized way.  As a matter of fact, some people give up unpacking everything after a move, as evidenced by a few boxes still left unopened somewhere in their new house years after they have moved in.

While it is considered okay to not be able to unpack everything in time after moving to a new place, like all those high school yearbooks and medals from your childhood that you rarely glimpse at anyway, it can bug you from time to time. Here are some tips from your local moving company, Bekins Moving Solutions commercial movers los angeles.

Help Pets Adjust to Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be quite stressful for the whole family, man’s best friend included. To make your pet dog feel quickly at ease with its new environment, give him a few treats as soon as you introduce him to your new home. You can get some tasty treats here:

After the move is done, prep a corner with your dog’s bed, blanket, toys and a bowl of fresh water. This will immediately give your pet a nook with comforting and familiar items and scents that he can turn to; items which, regardless of where they are, make him think he’s home. This doesn’t have to become the permanent spot for your dog, and it does wonders toward easing stress and keeping your pet comfy and secure on the first days after the move.

Unpack the Essential Boxes First

We agree that every one of your belongings is important, but you have a few favorites for sure. For instance, the things you regularly use such as your bathroom items, coffee cup and work clothes. The boxes those things are in are considered the essential ones, and you need to unpack them first.

If the movers phoenix helped you pack, you probably marked the most essential boxes with an “x” or other short words to help you quickly identify and organize after moving. Marking boxes make things much easier since you won’t be frantically looking for your child’s soccer shoes right before a game, or trying to find that hair dryer as you get ready for work.

Just Do It

Many people usually are excited to move in to their new house or apartment, but nobody likes the work that comes with packing and unpacking all of your stuff. If you have a lot of things to unpack from your old place, consider making a deadline for this task, and if you meet this goal, you can even treat yourself so it won’t feel like a total chore.

Simply thinking and procrastinating about unpacking your items will get you nowhere, so if you have a lot of things to unpack and organize, try creating a mini schedule so you don’t have to do everything for a whole day or two. Schedule time to unpack a little of your stuff every weekend before you do anything else. Once you are completely finished with the task, not only will your stuff be finally organized the way you want it, you will also definitely feel great about yourself for a job well done.

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