The Benefits of Offering Customized Products and Services

Have you ever encountered someone at a restaurant who ordered a burger but specifically told the staff they want no pickles, but add more cheese, and the patty to be cooked medium-well, but not too well? In a perfect consumer world, everyone wants to have it ‘their way’, and so people expect businesses to offer and deliver customized products and services.

Nowadays, consumers expect that any business can customize anything and everything they ask for to suit their specific preferences – learn more info about it here:

If one wants their business to become competitive in the global market, then they need to be more aware of what other companies are doing to get an idea on how they can offer something more specific to their customers.

To stand out from the crowd, one needs to figure out how to make something a fully customized experience – from the design of your website, the ease of ordering, to the items or services being offered, and how these can be made unique and special.

One out of three customers say that when shopping, they wish to have the option to customize a product or experience a service done especially for them.

There are many benefits of using customized products and services for the modern consumers. Below are two of them:

The Ability to Charge More

Being able to customize products gives you the freedom to charge more for products or services because people understand your offerings are more specialized and not just anyone else can offer these so easily and inexpensively. Studies reveal that people are willing to pay around 25% more for a personalized product. However, customizing things may not cost you much after all, if you are strategically clever on how you make the customization. You can simply create a template and adjust it to suit each customer.

For example, if you offer products made of plastic or steel, you can allow customers to have them personalized by adding an option to have their name (or just about anything else they want) engraved on the item they’re buying from you. You can use this nifty Cobalt XL laser engraver to make that happen: 

Sell Online for a Wider Reach

One important issue that manufacturers usually run into in this techie era is the difficulty of breaking into the online world of sales after they have established a presence in the brick-and-mortar retailers.

Another issue is how to make your product stand out online if everyone else is offering the same product in the real world. The simple solution here is to create a simple yet enticing website that offers not only the basic but also the specialized items. Also, by creating more options for the buyer, you get more sales in while making customers happy at the same time. For instance, when you need to get some compression socks for your elderly parent or for yourself, these days you just don’t go to the store and buy some. If you check online, you would be amazed as to how many options you can choose from when buying great quality compression socks, from getting just one to buying a set of three, to choosing a pair aimed for comfort or to help with sports activities, to allowing you to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles, and more.

If people are allowed to do certain things to a product or service to suit their own tastes, it creates a more improved experience. This can increase their happiness and their engagement on a certain product or service. A company can achieve this concept via mass customization. Each time a business is able to mass produce products efficiently to meet specific consumers’ wants and needs, they are giving their customers the opportunity to be uniquely different.

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