Coronavirus Aftermath and The Rise of Online Services

As the coronavirus spread and the number of COVID-19 cases continue to grow each day, more and more people around the world are encouraged to stay at home and practice #socialdistancing. It is the single most effective way to stop acquiring and spreading the virus. It has become everybody’s responsibility until “the cure” is created.

Although the first human trials have already started, a safe vaccine that will be available to the public may take months and even years to develop. While we wait out the virus inside our homes, there are some online services that will surely see a surge followed by steady demand during the coronavirus crisis.

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Streaming Services and Online Gaming Subscription

For many of us, this will be the perfect time to binge-watch on our favorite Netflix and Disney+ shows. As Netflix Premium Plan of 4 streams at a time and Disney+ 7-day trial period may not be enough for some, more will be forced to buy new subscriptions to pass the time and stay sane. Expect your children to be constantly bored and turn to different online game platforms to stay connected with friends.

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Remote Work

As bars, offices, and stores close in a desperate bid to stop virus transmission, many companies and shop owners are already urging employees to work remotely. While this can be done by some businesses, it’s inevitable many will be forced to leave. While the duration of closures is indefinite, many are resorting to online work and freelancing jobs as a means to generate income.

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Online Education

Although online education has been around and many platforms are already available, schools and learning institutions are already preparing ways to send classwork to homes. School shut-downs are already happening and there’s no knowing how long will they last.

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Delivery Services

Healthy and sick people alike are turning to delivery services to get basic supply. Food and grocery delivery services will surely increase in demand and volume. Online shopping will experience a boom as more non-essential stores are forced to close and only have the internet to connect with their customers.

Future with COVID-19

The virus grip is only starting to tighten and things are expected to get worse in the coming weeks and months before everything goes back to normal; if it ever does. As we realize yet again how we can be so vulnerable despite all our medical and technological advancements, we must be ready to accept the coming changes that will surely test the human body, mind, and spirit.

Guest article written by: Ron Sinda

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