How to Create and Add A Facebook Cover Videos for Business


You can now use a video for your Facebook cover instead of the traditional static image. Indeed, the social network deployed this functionality several years ago, and professionals are therefore able to use this format to communicate differently from this space.

In today’s article, I suggest you discover 4 reasons to use the cover videos, the technical specifications of this unit, a manual for setting up, and the presentation of several achievable objectives for brands.

  1. Why use a cover video for your Facebook page?

The cover video is the first thing users see when they visit your Facebook page. It is a unique opportunity to:

  • Attract attention with a dynamic multimedia format,
  • Create a more immersive experience compared to using an image,
  • Deliver an engaging or authentic message as appropriate,
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You can use your Facebook cover video to achieve various objectives, such as presenting your brand to people who do not yet know it or promoting the launch of a new product.

  1. What are the specifications of Facebook cover videos?

The minimum recommended dimensions are 820 x 312 pixels, but the format 820 x 456 pixels is preferable for optimal results. In addition, if you use text, try to place it in the center, when possible, so that it is visible whatever the device used.

The video’s duration must be between 20 and 90 seconds for the video to be supported by Facebook. Note that the cover videos are looped by default. Also, a transition is indicated at the end of your video.

The cover video starts automatically when a visitor arrives on your Facebook Page. By default, the sound is muted. There is an option at the bottom right of the cover to activate it. Make sure your video is effective whether audio is on or off.

Finally, your cover video should not infringe on the rights of others.

  1. How to create an awesome Facebook cover video?

I advise you to create a video of at least 720p so that it has a good definition and in mp4 format.

To create good “do it yourself” videos, you can use paid tools such as FlexClip, choosing the “Facebook” category, which will allow you to organize good videos in the 16: 9 aspect ratio.

FlexClip is a web tool that allows:

  • Create 5- minute online videos.
  • Select a video style from predesigned templates.
  • Include logo, music, text, images from the computer, or the web.
  • Choose music from a wide variety of songs available or select it from the computer.
  • Edit the video as many times as you want, even in a new copy.
  • Save and Preview the video.
  • Download the video to the computer once it is published.

FlexClip can be reachable on the web at this address ( and will allow you to free your creativity or start from some existing templates to create your cover in a few minutes. Seeing is believing, I almost always use it.

  1. How do I add a cover video to a Facebook Page?

This feature is not available from the mobile, access your Facebook page from the office. Then click on ”  Add a cover  ” or ”  Change the cover  ” at the top left of your cover.

Here you have two options in the drop-down menu: select a new video (“Import a photo/video”) or choose from the videos among which you have already imported on your Facebook page ”  Choose from My videos. “

Once your video is uploaded, reposition it by clicking on it and dragging it up or down. When you are done, click Next.

Last step: choose a sticker from the ten proposals automatically generated by Facebook. The thumbnail appears when someone hovers their mouse over the name of your Facebook page to see more details. All you have to do is click Publish, and your cover video will be online.

Please note that if you later change your cover video, it will not be automatically deleted and will remain available in your page’s video library.

Final words

Have you inserted videos on your Facebook covers? How has the result been? Tell us your experience, and if you think this article may be interesting for someone, share it on your networks!

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