What companies (should) do to maintain customer service as a service?

Almost every seller and the business owner gets perplexed about the question of what the cost of good customer service could be. This question often arises but remains answered most of the time. Every seller has to go through a doubtful phase where they think how to invest the right amount in the customer service department in a way that it doesn’t get wasted. Let’s have a deep look at this matter in this article where we will shed some light on how companies should maintain customer service as a service. So, let’s get started: 

We do get to hear and read a lot of talk about Internet Service Providers and how their customer service departments treat their customers once they become customers. Some assume maybe it is due to the fact that they have tied the customer in contract following a hefty termination fee. In case the customers change their minds during that certain period the companies are not as responsible when it comes to their customer service performance and the quality of their product or services as they should be. Why so? Because the customer is not going anywhere. 

There are some Internet Service Providers such as Spectrum and Xfinity that not only provide amazing services at reasonable prices and make their customer support available round the clock but they also do not restrict their customers in a contract nor the termination fee in case they want to switch. We can vouch for Spectrum Tennessee customer service when it comes to internet service providers, nevertheless, there will be a long list when it comes to banks, food providers, etc. that are also on their toes particularly during this global pandemic. 

You must have heard a very old phrase, “the customer is always right”. Well, this phrase has taken new meanings in this digital world where the buyer is shopping online and you can never get to see the real person. A lot of studies say that online customer is not completely honest about their personas. Now a question may bother you that how to manage the customers who can claim anything and you can’t even have any real interaction with them.

If a customer claims something. The questions may arise as to what is the factor behind it. Is it the price of the product or quality or bad service? 

Foundation materials of relationship with any customer are trust, honesty, and sincerity. These virtues will lead any company to solid relationships with customers without investing too much in marketing and advertisement. For this reason, that retention rarely depends on marketing and mostly on what happens after the customer signs up with the company. How do you talk to them initially, your tone, your choice of words add up into the overall outcome?

When interacting with your client in person you would choose to give a smile to them. Now, in the digital world, the same thing applies. Your tone should be welcoming and friendly. While interacting online, the customer service rep must imagine in their head that they and the customer are in the same room. 

Customer service is not a mere department but a philosophy to live by. Every policy should be designed by keeping the focus on customers (only) in mind. Although, customers might not be always right yet for your company’s survival you need not be a defender of your territory but a diplomat looking for a settlement with a better solution. You need to play smart by making customers feel so valued without losing your ground. This is an art you should master.

The sacrifice you do now to make your customer happy is the best investment in your business which will be highly rewarding in the long run. Thus, be generous with your customer service strategy, it will surely pay off in terms of positive feedback and reviews.

Conclusive Notes: 

Upon pondering over these questions we have concluded that whether the customer is right or wrong is less important. What matters the most is that the customer felt valued. Every customer, no matter how problematic they are, wants to be treated well. One badly dealt customer can cause huge damage to the reputation of your company. The ultimate goal should be to make your customer’s experience pleasant with your company which will result in increasing good evaluations. And that is eventually a good thing for the online reputation of your company.

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