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The Efficient B2B services for websites

Your website is a “digital front” of your business. Not just a web address or a list of your services. A wise business owner must think of making the online presence efficient and thus making the website work. Using website services is crucial for achieving the goals. As there are many kinds of services and systems to implement, let’s look through their groups and consider the top 10 of them.

1. Content management systems

Interaction with your website does not always start from the main page. If you have a relevant blog, your customers can find the articles, lists, and reviews. But creating valuable content needs organization and planning. Content management services help optimize it.

WordPress is using the popular technologies of building the website. Though it needs some technical knowledge for competent use, the benefits are apparent:

  • your blog can be easily adapted to your company’s changing needs,
  • bright blog appearance without coding,
  • the extended functions with plugins,
  • the support of the wordpress community.

Designed initially for blogging support, now the service helps run large corporations’ sites and empowers more than a quarter of business websites as of now. WordPress enables post navigation, calculating the time for reading the post (min read), attracts new readers, and raises the site’s attendance.

2. Online ordering services

The need for an online ordering system has extremely increased with lockdown challenges. The systems have become many restaurants’ factor of survival during the pandemic. When everyday life becomes “usual” again, online ordering is going to remain an essential part of the business processes.

The ordering systems include web and mobile services. Some restaurants have their websites; some of them have mobile applications. But the combination of both types of software boosts the system’s efficacy, saves time and streamlines the ordering operations. 

The systems have much in common with CRMs, as they help manage ordering and delivery processes. Mobile apps for the employees can be connected with the website’s ordering page and send notifications to the staff when the order is received.

A vital advantage of online ordering services for the business is tracking all the cash flow in the restaurant and calculating revenue and expenses.

The ratings give different information about the most unusual solutions in the field. But ChowNow is definitely one of the most acknowledged ones. It is an online platform that conveniently connects to the website. It also helps connect your restaurants to the most massive marketing channels such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Open Table, and Google.

3. Logo design services

As the essence of your brand identity and the primary visual element associated with your business, the logo should be a piece of web design art. There are too many ways of logo utilization to list them all. But for this multi-functionality, the logo must be brilliant. 

Modern logo designers offer the most convenient ways to create your recognizability essentials. Lengthy negotiations and multiple meetings for discussing the variants are things of the past. Nowadays, business owners or young entrepreneurs can create their logos online with the help of artificial intelligence. Contemporary logo design services have extended functionality and are user-friendly.

Yet, the logo created by the “common method” with a brief and full-scale web design process is still demanded.

Designhill offers custom logo development services for any kind of business. At the same time, it’s an excellent platform for freelance designers to learn and showcase their works. Its affordability, together with increasing popularity, brings more and more money and, in itself, is an example of how brand and business visual identifiability boosts the business. 

Of course, all of the website services are paid and some of them – quite expensive. But this price may become a valuable investment, can’t it?

4. Document management services 

Tracking electronic documents, images, and files need a specific solution. Document management services deal with all the electronic documents downloaded on your business’ website and make it easy to store, track, and control them. These services interact with a content management system, but cannot replace it entirely. The main features of the document management system are:

  • Check-in/check-out and locking to manage the simultaneous editing by several people. 
  • control of the documents’ versions.
  • an ability to activate the document’s previous version in case of error. 
  • the audit of all the earlier modifications of the document and the ability to see all the history of the changes made. 

eFileCabinet is one of the top-rated services among document management systems. The users appreciate its convenient web-based user interface and like the practical features of document sharing, retention, and compliance.

5. Membership Management Services

Organizations experience the advantages of membership management systems worldwide. The services are essential for businesses like clubs, associations, and membership organizations. Their evolution started from desktop solutions, and now the systems are represented by website-based software and are often delivered as SaaS. 

The variety of services in the field has different features, but the main functions of membership management systems are standard:

  • the ability to provide members with statuses and operate these statuses (upgrade, downgrade, or retain)
  •  the ability to flexibly store the information about the members in the database, 
  • management of communication with the members of the organization.

Wild Apricot possesses its deserved first place in the ratings. It’s a cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized businesses that simplifies the mailing process and takes over many routine tasks that used to overload the organization’s employees. 

6. Social Media Integration Services

If you aren’t active in social media – you barely exist. That’s what things are like nowadays. And if the social media activity is not driving your business – you’re just throwing your money and effort away. How to achieve what you really want?

How to connect these things correctly? Of course, using social media integration services for your website. The services will match the need for communication of every potential customer. Some people like a Facebook messenger to connect business pages, while others prefer Yelp or Twitter. And you don’t have to choose anymore. All of the social networks are easily managed through one user-friendly system. And you may smoothly incorporate social media presence into the marketing strategy with website services.

What particular service is worth choosing? As usual, it depends on certain requirements. But there are the services that are the best in the ratings. For example, FlyingCowDesign offers solutions for the best results from social media. Integrating social media platforms will make your business more visible and responsive. Built-in social media log in, share, and follow (or subscribe) button and other characteristic features of the networks create a new level of recognition of the website.

7. Website security services

Well-protected data is a must for creating the stainless reputation of the business. While we want multiple interactions with the website and user-driven content on it, we should create the opportunities to store all the received information properly. The security services are here to help, and their main features are:

  • access control,
  • authentication,
  • privacy policy implementation, and
  • integrity.

When it comes to specific solutions, GoDaddy website security services are top-rated and have many admiring reviews. The users are fond of its ability to protect all the transaction data, encrypt all the personal information on the website, and preserve the page from viruses or malware. The users also like its design, especially a free logo that goes from page to page.

 It’s worth paying attention to whatever the main task of the services is, the user is always interested in the result’s appearance. So, thoughtful logo design remains essential for solving all the issues of your business’ online presence.

8. Website messaging services

The competition in the responsiveness of businesses is so fierce that it isn’t enough to reply instantly. Sending messages and notifications to the customers is one of the must-have services for the commercial website. The messaging services enable sending the proper information to the target groups of people. They also make direct communication more “human” by letting the person know when the message is received and read. It’s quite weird to involve more humanity and personal attention through technological services implementation, but it works. While the clients want a more particular attitude, the website itself requires a partition of the incoming messages into “useful” and “harmful” ones. And the protection from the toxic users is another advantage of website messaging implementation.

Sendbird is the bright and successful representative of the services. The messaging app is connected to the website and fully custom-tailored. The pre-built user interface and the option of offline messaging forced the decision-makers of many companies many to choose this solution. Its advantages include auto-translation, chat history storage for more attentive communication in the future, and the ability to share encrypted files.

9. Web hosting services

At first glance, this type of service is quite undefined. Should it be shared hosting or a website builder? Or, maybe, a landing page is enough for website sales strategy development? Of course, choosing the specific web hosting service will depend on the business goals. But the most popular categories of web hosting remain:

  • Shared, 
  • Website Builder, 
  • SMB, VPS, 
  • reseller, 
  • UK-based, and 
  • dedicated. 

Bluehost is an award-winning web hosting service in 2020 with its extensive and useful range of features. It’s a quick and affordable way to get the working website. 

Meanwhile, FastComet leads the ratings as one of the best-managed hosting services. The users mainly evaluate their customer support and impressive design.

10. Event booking services

Event booking requires keeping everything in order and on schedule. The customers’ issues also remain essential: it may be rather difficult to book and confirm the presence at the event without reminders.

Luckily, event-booking services combine the problem-solving approach for both organizers and customers. Choosing the specific system requires understanding its goals, audience, and functionality. There are very different functions of the services in every product, and it’s really difficult to call any of them “the very best one.” Though, according to the reviews, Ungerboek is one of the best services in the category.

It’s a solution for marketing websites of the companies planning real plenty of events. It won the customers’ trust in more than 50 countries and has served the most famous shows from all over the world. Compliant with different operational systems, it may be implemented into any event-planning business and streamline the processes of event planning and organizing. 

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