How to Create Your Own Fun During Social Isolation

by Klaus on June 4, 2020

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In these days of isolated socializing and localized lockdown, not to mention mistrust and anxiety about our vulnerability, it’s becoming more and more important that we create our own fun during lockdown, instead of relying on the usual social events in our calendar to uplift us. In this piece, you’ll learn of four ways in which you can seize the initiative and make for yourself a fun and exciting set of games to keep you active and engaged during a stressful and tiring period across the country.

Making a Quiz

A quiz is a great excuse to contact many of your friends, or members of your family – sending them a quiz that you believe will test them to their limits and tease out some great answers. It’s easy to make a quiz online; there are plenty of websites available for you to base a short quiz on. One of the best, especially for picture rounds, is the picture quiz on PhotoShoot. Here, you can make a quiz alongside some exciting photographs in order to give clues as to what your question is pertaining to. Offer small prizes to the winners of your quiz to thrill participants. 

Making Music

Even if you’ve had little to no experience with music, you’ll still be able to find ways in which you can create little songs – either alone, or with friends who are isolating or far away. The first thing you’ll need is a laptop with some form of producing software on it – and there’s plenty of these that can get you set up for free. Then, you’ll be able to take a few tutorials on YouTube to get you up to speed with music producing. From there, you’re free to create your own music from the comfort of your home.

Arts and Crafts

If society has enjoyed one thing during lockdown, it’s been the ability to unleash a creative side a little more. With less time to spend out and about – in shops, bars or restaurants – there’s more time to spend with your loved ones and with the materials you need to make art and crafts. Whether you choose to create a collage, or you’re more excited about painting, drawing, or even writing – you can create your own little piece of art at home – and with the company of those you live with.

Online Games

If you’re missing socializing with friends and family who live apart, there can be no better remote get-together than joining an online game in which you’ll play with your loved ones. Online, you can find some of the best new releases in the gaming world, as well as firm favorites that are decades old. You can even find places to play board games online, so that you can recreate that cherished family tradition from your respective living rooms. With poker and chess also options, there’s a world of online games to be enjoyed while you’re socially isolating.

Pick one of the four options above to get stuck into when you’re looking for something to fill your time in 2020. 

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