5 Best Content Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Read

Nowadays people don’t like advertisements. They use AdBlock, unsubscribe from emails, ignore sponsored posts, and skip video ads. So how can you do branding for your company and promote your services and products in such an environment?

The answer is Content Marketing. It not only conveys all the information to your targeted audience but starts establishing a relationship between you and your potential customers and develops loyalty to your brand.

But essayshark did a research 95% of the content you generate is a waste of time and money.

But why? Just 5% of the generated content leads to conversion: Purchase, clicks, subscription, and other desired tasks. We have prepared a list of recommendations that can help you to enhance the effectiveness of content marketing.

#1 Aim for quality, not quantity

The approach of sharing content in quantity can lead you to create low-quality content. Which will cause difficulty for you in the future. But on the other hand if you are publishing quality content for your audience that shows you understand your customer’s needs and you’re listening to them. It’s crucial in customer-centric marketing and something every company should aim for.

One long and well crafted high-quality blog post per week is much more valuable and useful for your audience than a 5-6 low-quality blog post per week. Be more conservative if you don’t have multiple resources for creating reliable content that can convert.

#2 A perfect length of posts exists 

This is the fact that long reads are 77% more appealing to the users but this only works with the blog posts and articles. When it comes to social posts, you should not write more than 1500 words.

If you exceed this limit there is a possibility that the interest and desired to perform an action of your target audience will decrease.

#3 Viral posts increase your income 

Just 1.3% of articles become viral. However, this tiny rate can raise to 75% profit. (We are not talking just about direct sales, yet in addition different activities like memberships, reposts, and so on) In this manner, the most important thing for a content manager is to create viral content. It’s a difficult task but it’s not impossible.

You should analyze the current trends in the social networks and media, and adapt the changes in your publication. Diverse the content and test various lengths for your posts with unique pictures and videos.

Examine the performance of your previous posts and produce new articles dependent on the data you generate. People generally share something that causes an emotional reaction.

#4 The best day for publishing content 

The content marketers have been struggling for a quite long time to recognize the best time and day to share the posts on social media for better reach. However, the most recent statistics show that there is no better day or time. The user activity is equal: on Monday your article will be read by the same number of users as on Saturday.

But there are always some exceptions. You can analyze the activity of your audience on social media and offer them something great during peak hours. To analyze these hours and days social media managers can use some of the analytics tools.

Do not follow the strategy of some big companies because they may have figured out how to increase their conversion rate with the help of the right timing but the odds are low that the same principles will work for your business.

#5 Always keep a fresh mindset

One of the key characteristics of a great content marketing strategist is having the capacity to consistently problem solving and learn new things. Content marketing isn’t rocket science, but still, it takes some creativity, patience, and an analytic outlook.

You’ll require a clear vision of your goals, and you’ll need to have at any rate a free marketable strategy set up. It also takes a decent knowledge of the most effective and up-to-date tools that you have access to in the context of the business and industry you’re working with

So if you go through the above points and use your creativeness then It will help you to enhance the effectiveness of content marketing.

5 thoughts on “5 Best Content Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Read”

  1. I learning about content marketing. Your blog helped me a lot to learn about content marketing strategy. Thanks

  2. Hi Emily

    It is for sure good advice, but I don’t always find it that easy to follow them. I is not that easy to write long quality posts that has not already been written by someone else. It is also very time consuming. Posting at the right time of the day is also tricky. It might be different from niche to niche and also depend on your time zone and the time zone of your audience.

  3. Nice blog post about ceating unique content for marketing as we know that content is very essential for ranking your website or blog post.

  4. I strongly agree with your point #1 Aim for quality, not quantity. I feel as though if your goal is to make lots of blogs instead of fewer but more useful blogs, people might see your blog page as having low quality content. This also plays along with your point #3 Viral posts increase your income. If you just make lots of blogs that aren’t as helpful you probably have a lower chance of one of your blogs going viral. On the other hand, if you spend lots of time and work hard on a high quality useful blog post, you have a better chance of going viral which can really increase your profit.


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