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by Emily on May 25, 2020

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Most of us have a dream of creating and having our own business, a successful empire we can call ours and one that’s become a household name when it crosses people’s lips. To see people either walking around wearing your brand or using your product brings such an amazing feeling of achievement. 

Having a brick and mortar store is not always the sole means to reaching your target markets, yes its great seeing foot traffic in shops and carrying bags with your branding, but to be completely successful having an online presence is just as vital. 

What is meant by a target market? For the educated and more detailed explanation, you can click here but essentially it is the ‘specific’ age group or demographic you want to sell to so that you diversify and expand your product range and increase revenue within your consumers and overall customer base.

With modern technology constantly advancing and the younger generation glued to their phones, being online is paving the way forward and making the difference between being good and great. 

Marketing explained.

When it comes to successful marketing there are basic foundations you need to implement, the objective is to create an interest in your product and brand to new and potential customers. 

Companies either have in-house staff who are trained in the latest strategies and techniques used to ‘entice’ customers, or they hire an out-sourced firm to come in and help with a new product launch, both ways work and you need to see which is best suited within your business. 

Grab a cup of tea and relax for a couple of minutes to read up on some tips and tricks that are suited for marketing in the business world, take notes as research and homework is key and will help you make a financially viable decision based on the wants and needs of the market.

A simple idea executed well can be the cherry on top of an already great concept, you need the right team behind you for support and that can grow with you and your business as it develops through the various marketing stages.

The 5 concepts of Marketing.

  • Production conception. If you think from the perspective of you as a consumer, you look for products that are widely available and easily accessible while still being affordable. This comes into play when it’s time to manufacture these items, low-cost high sale value.
  • Product Concept. Consumers look for the quality of the product so they feel they are getting their money’s worth. Constant upgrades and new lines are being added to shop shelves, your product needs to be with the ‘times’ when it comes to being favored.
  • Selling concept. The idea of infiltrating a product into people’s minds is done through clever marketing placements. Ads that constantly pop up, items they didn’t think they needed but now want due to your imaginative and creative wording drawing them in.
  • Marketing concept. Finding out what people are needing and wanting and providing that, or those items, better than the competition. There are various methods to do this, click this link and read the article for a better understanding of the process.
  • Societal Marketing concept. Not all businesses practice this but they should, societal marketing is putting the needs of the future generations and environmental aspects above making a profit on an item. Meaning that although a product may not achieve a high-profit margin, the objective is to fund a welfare organization of sorts or provide a monetary donation on each sale.




A website to attract.

We all know the frustration that comes with shopping online and trying to navigate a website that’s been poorly designed, you may not think you’ve been through it, but if at any time you were confused or lost on the web page, it shows a lack of navigational ease in its design layout.

You need a page that is aesthetically pleasing while on it, does not strain the eyes with tricky fonts and blurring colors and that is simple and basic to operate from any page clicked on within the site. For help with this check out and get professional advice and quality customer service to set you off in the right direction.

Features that make a great website.

Firstly you want an ‘impressive’ page, simple and chic is always a good start. It should intrigue them to want to search and explore if it is too busy and there’s a lot of flash photography going on this can put a shopper off who would opt for a more relaxed shopping experience rather than feeling like they’ve visited a night club online.

This may come as surprise but a website that is poorly put together can come off looking untrustworthy, shoppers start to wonder if it is legit and are there any catches, to prevent this have it done right.

Product placement throughout the site is another thing, especially if you are trying to promote an item, have it visible to peak interest. See some effective characteristics that make for a great website here and if you are already up and running, a few tweaks here and there can make all the difference. 

You’ve put in all this time, money, and not to mention hard work, don’t let it all go to waste due to a badly designed website, take your time and be the best successful version of yourself you can be.


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