Cross-Platform Apps: Value They Offer To Businesses

As a business, you need a digital way to grow your prospects. Apps and websites are the best way to ensure the growth of your business digitally. While making a website is easy, app development can be a bit difficult to understand. Native apps help you to establish yourself in the realm of digital business. But they are just made for a particular Operating System. 

Cross Mobile App Development is the solution to look for in the case of making your app run through various Operating Systems without any hassles.    

Cross Mobile App Development:  An Introduction

Cross-platform mobile development or cross-mobile app development is the process of creating software applications compatible with different mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, or a Windows Phone, etc. Earlier it was difficult for app developers to make an app that worked across multiple platforms because the code made for one OS couldn’t be repurposed for another.

The goal of mobile development firms is to gather as many users as possible by enabling them to use their app compatible through Operating Systems and devices. 

With a new approach to cross-platform development, it has become easier to work on. These include:

  1. Hybrid Mobile App Development where developers write the base of the app as HTML5 or JavaScript and place a native device wrapper through it.
  2. Windows Universal apps that include a fixed codebase to enable an app to run across Windows PC, tablet, smartwatch, XBox, or a smartphone. 
  3. PWAs or Progressive web pages that behave like a mobile app. 
  4. Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) to address certain business issues.

Kinds of Cross-platform apps

  • HTML5 based apps

PhoneGap app development and Ionic application development services are the best examples of HTML5-based hybrid or apps. Their framework consists of CSS,  JavaScript, or HTML5 for a ready execution of code on the web.

  • IDE based apps

Both Android and iOS have their official programming languages to build apps like Java and Swift respectively. With the help of IDE, app developers can make API that acts as a midway between codebase and different OS. 


There are various advantages of using Cross-Platform mobile development. These include:

  1. It could support any platform or OS.
  2. Provides more market reach
  3. Upfront expenses minimized which induces cost-effectiveness
  4. Need to develop the source code only once.
  5. Archetype model ready quickly
  6. Speedy development
  7. Ease of maintenance of the app
  8. Bug fixes optimized
  9. Ensuring uniformity and operation (UI/UX) across all platforms
  10. The app can be used for any device without any changes
  11. The App is lightweight i.e. it doesn’t take up much space due to bandwidth limitations
  12.  Optimized according to touchscreen devices
  13.  HTML5 and CSS3 standard used which makes it easier to run across platforms
  14. Can be used offline as well
  15. Ease in upgrading and downloading

These advantages are not just for business developers, but app developers and customers are also benefitted through it.

Business and Benefit of Cross Development Apps

Apart from the above-listed advantages, some special benefits are fruitful for blossoming your business. 

  1. Less effort required: It requires free efforts for development than native apps as the code is the same for all OS.
  2. Less testing time: Like effort, time is also saved. Testing these apps requires less time as a test of only one version is required. Testing is for all OS is not required.
  3. Faster TTM (Time To Market) and Customization: reduction of TTM in with fast deployment. It is easier to make changes in them as only minor changes are required for modification of the app. 
  4. Includes cost-cutting: Needless to say, if the code is made only once for all operating systems, the cost is also reduced.

Establishing a business digitally requires time, money, and effort on a large scale. One must think smartly about the ways which are effective and save money. Cross-platform app development is one such way wherein you can save your money and time without compromising on the best ideas to help your business grow digitally.

Hiring a digital tech innovation agency that can help you with creating your app for cross-platform services goes a long way. Professional mobile app development agencies like LeadMuster would ensure the smooth running of your business digitally and help it grow. 

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    Cross-platform applications are those that are developed through a “common working climate, for example, Xamarin. A cross-platform application is an all-inclusive arrangement that is upheld by a few mobile platforms on the double.


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