Dumbbell workouts for men and women: best exercises, proper form and technique

Dumbbells are considered the most optimal weights for the workout, as they are suitable for men and women, and they can be used in the gym and at home. Moreover, if you work out with dumbbells regularly, you can easily build any muscle of your body. But don’t forget to alternate loads, and to do other effective physical exercises.

Dumbbell leg workout for men and women

Training complexes offered by modern specialists are aimed at representatives of both sexes. Men and women are encouraged to perform the same exercises, varying only the weight of the dumbbells. Choose those that are convenient for you, but not easy to lift. Dumbbell training for men and girls often consists of basic exercises.

Ideal for an athlete who wants to progress is collapsible dumbbells. By adjusting their weight, you will load muscles differently. In addition, training with dumbbells for men will be a real find for the family, in which both the husband and wife play sports.

Dumbbell shoulder workout: tips for an effective workout

When you start training your muscles with dumbbells, follow certain rules:

  • Always do a five-minute warm-up before training;
  • Do not exercise every day – give your muscles a break at least 24 – 48 hours after exercise;
  • Do 3 to 5 sets of each movement, 6 to 10 reps each;
  • If the muscles after exercise are very sore, reduce the load;
  • Strictly adhere to the technique of each exercise;
  • After the workout, do a hitch and stretch the muscles.

Adhering to these rules, you can make your figure more attractive by conducting muscle training with dumbbells. They will allow you to strengthen and develop muscles well. In addition, working with large weights and a small number of repetitions, you can gain weight.

A set of best dumbbells exercises with back exercises for women

Universal strength training with dumbbells for men and women, which will be described below, is very effective. You can follow it completely or exclude some exercises if you consider them optional for yourself. Engaged in the program is recommended 2 to 3 times a week.

The training complex with dumbbells for weight includes the following exercises:

  • Dumbbell Squats
  • Bench press on a horizontal bench (on two stools, if you work at home);
  • Hammer exercise
  • Dumbbell raise on a horizontal bench (you need to lean on the bench surface with your hand and knee, and lift the dumbbell with the opposite hand);
  • Lifting the dumbbell to the biceps from a sitting position;
  • Triceps dumbbell lifts;
  • Dumbbell fly to the side on a horizontal bench;
  • Dumbbell fly from a standing position;
  • Dumbbell raise alternately up from the chest;
  • Lunges with dumbbells.

Women do not have to do all the exercises included in this complex. Regularly perform squats and lunges, bench press, dumbbell lifts for biceps and triceps, and athleticlightbody other exercises – as desired. In addition, many options for effective training can be found on the Internet. Choose a complex that you like, and do not forget to exercise regularly.

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