How Gadget Insurance Can Save You Time and Money

by Klaus on July 2, 2020

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In our ever-evolving digital world, it’s not surprising that we’re always keeping an eye out for the next best thing. From cameras to laptops to everything in between, we’re spoilt for choice! 

Of course, there’s usually a notable price tag attached to these up-and-coming devices but as the years have gone on, many have developed a talent for scouting a good deal. Regardless of tech we get our hands on, the question still remains; should we consider purchasing a comprehensive gadget insurance policy when we get these items? And can it actually save us time and money?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore!

Water damage

Whether you’re at the beach or in the bathroom, liquid damage can have disastrous effects for your favourite gadgets and, depending on where you go for your repair, you could end up facing a hefty charge for the privilege!

For example, the repair costs for an Apple iPad outside of its warranty period could amount to up to £600. Additionally, if your tablet is too damaged, then you could even have to pay out for a brand new device.

However, by investing in a quality insurance plan, you’ll have peace of mind that should your gadgets fall victim to the sink, sea or swimming pool, they’ll have the necessary cover to get back up and running swiftly. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the excess payment! But that’s never going to equal the amount for a brand-new device.

Cracked screen or lens 

Whilst a cracked phone screen may seem like the biggest inconvenience any of us could face when it comes to our devices, in the majority of cases the device is still usable. A smashed laptop screen or camera lens, however, can render the device next to useless. And certain gadgets like this provide us with the main tools for our professional life or hobbies – so without them, we could face some major setbacks!

When, or if, these damages do occur, then it’s likely that the last thing you’ll want to do is shop around for a reasonable repair cost – which could waste valuable days. Instead, by opting for gadget insurance at the start of your ownership, you can quickly and confidently source the support you need. Meaning your gadgets will be back in your hands swiftly and your daily routines will face minimal disruption. 

Accidental loss or theft

Sometimes we’ll wait weeks or months to get our hands on that one specific gadget, but unfortunately, others might not be so patient. In fact, according to the National Office of Statistics, 3-7% of all crimes reported in England and Wales are theft from a person!

So, having insurance cover that accounts for these unfortunate realities could be a saving grace should the worst happen!

Worldwide cover 

For most of us, our gadgets give us access to the wider world. We can communicate with our loved ones, share memories and record our own history. Of course, to do so, they need to be by our side for all of the important moments – and travelling is a major moment!

Whilst there is an abundance of insurance policies on the market, it’s vital to find one which matches your lifestyle. If you enjoy travelling or have big plans to soon travel, then you’ll want your gadgets to enjoy the same cover that they do at home.

Not only will this allow you to appreciate and document the moments you love without a second thought, but it will also mean that should an undesirable reality emerge, you’ll be back in action quickly and confidently. 


So, whilst gadget insurance might not sit at the top of your list, it’s definitely something you should consider. A quality gadget insurance policy can save you from any number of disasters wherever you might be!


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