Grab Attention and Engage Customers Digitally with Chatbots

With digital marketing constantly increasing in volume, and consequently competition, engaging content has never been more important. Yes, you can attract some eyes with high quality articles and cool graphics, but the key to consumer engagement lies in interactivity – more specifically, interactions with chatbots.

Chatbots are becoming the norm for customer FAQs and assistance for many reasons. Firstly, a chatbot significantly reduces the cost of providing excellent customer support. With just one bot, you can instantly gain a 24/7 customer service representative with limitless knowledge. Say goodbye to long wait times, and hello to happy customers!

Aside from their incredible convenience, chatbots are also a great way to engage and interact with customers. Bots can be programmed to welcome visitors to a site and ask if they need any help. Not only does the little pop-up window instantly grab a visitor’s attention, but it also encourages them to think about their on-site goals – whether that is to make a purchase, file a return, speak with a representative, or simply browse for more information. A chatbot’s warm introduction automatically sets the tone for an enjoyable experience, in addition to making the visitor feel both recognized and valued. Although not everyone will end up having a conversation with the bot, it can still have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

When a visitor begins to chat with the bot, the real excitement begins. Navigational questions begin many interactions, which are perfectly structured for quick and to the point automated responses; the user gets the help they need in the form of a link or easy to follow instructions almost instantly. People also use bots to purchase items and file returns, easing transactional processes altogether. Other times people are simply amused and excited, messing around with the bot by asking silly questions. No matter which route the customer takes, the common denominator is an engaged and happy customer.

Another way chatbots are often optimized is through email. Chatbots can be programmed to do any of the following and beyond: send out timely newsletters, offer discounts and promotions, remind customers to come back to the site, and follow up on user satisfaction. These messages can be easily customized, separating your brand’s inbox impression apart from others. The icing on the cake? Bots will collect and organize the information it receives, providing valuable data for anything from subscriber lists to audience demographics.

Clearly, there are many benefits to using chatbots. With customer standards rapidly rising, employing any and all technology to stay in touch with consumer expectations is crucial. So what are you waiting for? Check out this guide on how to build a successful chatbot strategy and begin reaping the benefits of having a bot on your side.

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