A Guide From Kent SEO Agency On How To Be A Pro at SEO

Living in a digital era, we all are habituated to using the internet for our day to day activities. Ever wondered how just by typing 2-3 words on Google, you get a list of resources? Or how is it that the website of some brands always makes it to the top of search results? 

Well, the answer to these questions is Search Engine Optimization. It is this SEO that enables search engines to display information within seconds of typing keywords. Similarly, Search Engine Optimization is also the answer to why some brands are ranked at the top by search engines.

Having answered the questions, let’s deconstruct the concept of SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Abbreviated as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is used by brands to improve their page rankings and visibility on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Page rankings are the search engine’s way of organizing all the information in its directory. Likewise, visibility helps us to understand how frequently your domain is being visited by users. 

When coupled together, both these concepts work to fulfill the SEO goal of leads and higher page traffic. Since a major chunk of users depends upon digital services and products, brands need to undertake SEO seriously.  

Unlike other inorganic techniques, SEO operates organically to gain more page traffic. Perhaps, that’s the primary primary reason why brands in 2020 are looking up to understand SEO trends.

The success of SEO is dependent upon its factors like Website Content, Website Speed, Reputation, Brand Trust, Links, Technical fixes, Security, User-friendliness, and many more. 

Additionally, there’s an Off-page SEO and an On-Page SEO. Off-page SEO refers to the aspects that influence a brand’s ranking but are beyond a brand’s control. Thus, activities like Cross Blog Promotion, Social Media Marketing, or Influencer marketing are categorized in the Off-page SEO section. 

On contrast, On-Page SEO relates to those aspects of websites that are under the brand’s control. Activities like Metal Descriptions, Link Management, Keyword Optimization all fall under the On-Page SEO section. 

Confused with On-Page and Off-page SEO? Don’t worry! To understand the difference, read this informative piece at https://medium.com/@CarolForden/on-page-vs-off-page-seo-what-is-the-difference-b1d1e910806e 

As you have a quick brief on SEO, let’s have a look at this guide which has some basic SEO tricks curated from experts.

Basic SEO Tricks and Guidelines


  • Keep it Relevant: Search Engines rank websites based on information relevance. Thus, if you wish to occupy the top result position, then precise and relevant content is mandatory.
  • Pace up the Page Speed: Low Page speed often discourages users. To increase page traffic, it is pivotal to increase your page speed. The basic way of doing this is by compressing large images and videos. 
  • Security: With unfortunate cyber events on the rise, maintaining site security is mandatory. Alternatively, keep upgrading your website security as that will help you to protect your visitors.
  • User-friendly Interface: Because of creative liberty, do not set-up a complicated interface. The impactful and minimalist interface is what makes up a user-friendly interface. Also, test the mobile app interface to avoid unfortunate user experiences.
  • Seek Expert Help: There are numerous virtual SEO experts including SEO Kent that provide brand-specific SEO guidance to its customers. So in case, you are new to SEO, then you can seek such expert support.
  • Content Optimization: Compromising on content quality is a sure shot way to lose rankings. Do your keyword research and develop proper keywords that are specific and descriptive. Maintain keyword density or else over-stuffing of keywords will reduce the content impact.
  • User Experience Analysis: Periodic user experience analysis will help you to understand the scenario of your website’s bounce rates. Once you figure out the website areas that need improvement, you can easily reduce website bounce rates.


Although these are the basic tricks but do not commit the folly of ignoring them. It is only when you develop a strong base that you can proceed ahead. As far as possible, maintain an evaluation parameter to check for any website’s shortcomings.  

Having said that, we hope by now you will be aware of how brands harness the power of SEO to gain a competitive edge.

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