How To Avoid Online Identity Theft With Advanced Identity Protector

We do hear a lot about identity theft these days, especially in the headlines or the newspaper column. And over the last decade, Identity theft became one of the fastest-growing cybercrimes of this digital era. Just like malware, spyware, phishing, and other emerging cybercrimes, Identity theft should be taken seriously too, before it gets too late and you fall into hacker’s vicious traps. 

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What is Identity Theft?

Let’s not get into the technical jargon, a famous spokesman once said “Not being yourself is Identity Theft” and the explanation for Identity Theft cannot get better than this. In plain simple terms, identity theft is nothing but stealing somebody else’s identity for your own personal benefits, be it monetary gain or a personal grudge to invade into your privacy (who knows!). 

In Identity theft there are two key entities, one is the imposter who deliberately tries to steal an identity, and second is the victim whose private life comes on stake because of the fact a fraudster made an illegal attempt to get access to your personal details. Identity theft is commonly attempted in order to gain unauthorized access to your personal or financial information like your password, email accounts, bank account details, credit card number, Social security ID and so on. And once a hacker or fraudster gets hold to your personal information, they try to impersonate your digital identity to become you and avail as many benefits as they can through our personal accounts. 

It Gets Worse…

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As technology and innovation are growing with each passing day, this allows hackers to discover more wrongful ways to invade into your privacy. If a hacker gets hold to your personal information even once and if your privacy is exposed online, there’s no going back which can put you in a miserable state throughout your life. 

So, how can you protect your identity online and stay safe from hackers? Here’s the answer to all your prayers. 

How Can Advanced Identity Protector Help You?

Advanced Identity Protector aka AIP is undeniably one of the best identity theft protection tools that you can find online. Understanding the need for protecting your digital lives, this nifty tool goes an extra mile for protecting your online identity. AIP ensures that all your private and confidential information including passwords, email account details, bank account numbers, credit card info, SSN and everything else stays highly secure, far away from hacker’s reach. 

How Does it Work?

Advanced Identity Protector is an advanced identity protection tool that comes with a super neat interface making it easy to use and access your personal information. Once you install this tool on your system, it will get to work the moment you press the “Start Scan” button. The tool will thoroughly scan your entire system to look for any possible identity traces that might put you in any kind of danger. As we mentioned earlier, the act of Identity theft commences right when an imposter tries to get hold of these identity traces which include your personal details like passwords, bank account details, etc. So, if you protect these identity traces, you’ve already minimized the risk of being exposed. 

Once the scan is complete, the tool will neatly list down all the identity traces that were found on your system. You can then decide what necessary action has to be taken, either you can delete these traces or store them safely in Advanced Identity Protector’s built-in secure vault. All the information that you move to the secure vault will be encrypted, and you can also lock it down with a passcode for better security. 

Here are a few key highlights of this nifty identity theft protection tool:

  • Protects personal and financial information and keeps them secure in one place, away from hacker’s reach. 
  • The built-in Secure Vault feature of the app adds an extra layer of protection to keep all the sensitive information preserved in a safe place that is only accessible by you.
  • AES-256 encryption within the vault for robust security.
  • Offers overall protection as AIP extends its support on all major web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. Apart from web browsers, the tool also covers email clients, documents and the Windows registry to scan for identity traces. 
  • The tool can also be used as a password manager app where you can securely store all your passwords in one place. 

Identity Theft Should be Taken Seriously!

You sure don’t want cyber criminals to intrude into your privacy, right? So, without wasting any more time, download the Advanced Identity Protector tool right way to safeguard your digital identity and to keep hackers at bay. 

Act, before it’s too late as there’s no good reason to delay, right? 

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