Best Encrypted Messenger: The Best Tool For 2020!

We send and receive hundreds of messages every day. They include common messages for our friends and relatives, messages to our colleagues, as well as various promotional mailings. Today, we can’t imagine our life without a messenger. It is a necessary tool with which we can stay in touch almost around the clock.

After all, by sending something to the world wide web, you risk losing your data forever or finding them in the hands of third parties. To ensure that this never happens, use only the best encrypted messengers that will protect you and your data from any external and internal threats.

Weve collected for you the top best messengers, among which you can find a faithful and worthy assistant and choose the best encrypted messenger for yourself!

Best encrypted messenger! The most protected variants!


Utopia is a closed ecosystem built on the principle of peertopeer architecture. This method assumes the complete absence of a single server for data storage. Instead, the ecosystem creates a personal server for each client that only the user will have access to. Also, Utopia encrypts any information using a highspeed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256bit AES.

Utopia is a multifunctional decentralized system that has such tools as instant messenger, email, browser, ewallet, builtin games. Each user can use these tools anonymously since registration in the ecosystem does not require the client to enter personal information about themselves. A user’s nickname is a private key that the ecosystem generates individually for each user.


Viber is an instant messaging service that allows you to make free calls using the Internet, as well as transfer images, video and audio messages, various documents and files. The owner of the messenger is an international company Viber media with its head office in Luxembourg.

The app uses end-to-end encryption of all chats and calls by defaults, which ensures that only participants in the conversation can read messages or hear the other person during the call. This mechanism is standard and cannot be disabled by the user.

At the same time, the developer claims that encryption is applied on the device side and the encryption keys are stored on the sender’s and recipient’s devices themselves, thus ensuring complete confidentiality of the transmitted data. Besides, the messages themselves are not stored on the application servers and are deleted from them immediately after delivery.

There is a separate category of chats in the application – secret chats, which are allocated in a separate dialog and provide additional security features.

Also, the messenger can perform verification of the user, i.e., to confirm his identity.


Using Wickr, the user can send and receive text, audio and video messages, different PDF files and pictures. It uses the updated encryption standards (AES256, ECDH521, RSA4096TLD) to protect the data. Messages sent via Wickr do not contain the names and geolocation data of the sender and recipient.

It is a secret messenger that allows you to exchange encrypted and self-destructing messages, photos, videos, and even voice recordings. The application is also protected from screenshots.


This app uses AES for encryption and key exchange. It means that encryption and decryption are performed only on your device. Messages are not saved in unencrypted form. Even the author of this app does not have access to the exchanged messages.

To use the app, you must first create a user account. An account can be created from within the app itself. To register, open the menu on the login page and select register. Make sure that your username contains only numbers and letters, spaces and special characters are not allowed.

The chosen person you want to communicate with should also create an account in CryptoChat. For fruitful chatting, you need to know his/her name to send messages. The app also includes detailed instructions that can be accessed from the menu on the login page.

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