MrBeast Added 13,627,579 Subscribers in 2019: Can You Do the Same with Your YouTube Channels?

YouTubers are always on the news for various reasons, one of which is the most YouTube subscribers. People upload a video on YouTube, and somehow it ends up becoming the most-viewed YouTube video ever. 

The same happened many years back with MrBeast, a 21-year-old YouTuber known for his philanthropic stunts. He has given away millions of dollars to strangers, video streamers, homeless people, and others in a bid to become the most popular YouTuber. And it has worked like a charm!

MrBeast started out as an obscure YouTuber in 2012, posting videos since the age of 13. His first viral video was called “Counting to 100,000,” and took over 40-hours to make. Soon he came out “Counting to 200,000” video that got him more views and subscribers. 

Today, MrBeast has over 28 million subscribers. 2019 was quite a successful year for him as he added 13,627,579 subscribers to his channel. But what is the secret of his popularity? What makes people call him “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist?”

MrBeast is the “YouTube: a star is born” in the world of charities. The nature and worth of his stunts go a long way to get him millions of views and subscribers. Brands from all around the world sponsor his donations, though he has also donated without sponsorships too. 

Brands are always looking for influencers like MrBeast, who can promote their names to millions of people. The YouTube videos end up going viral, which brings more brands knocking on MrBeast’s doors! 

Apart from his stunts, MeBeast has also invested time in developing the perfect YouTube channel and videos. With a bit of effort, you can also make your videos stand out and become one of the top YouTube vloggers. 

Best YouTube channels- MrBeast
Famous YouTuber MrBeast

Today, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you get more subscribers. We are going to skip the basics and go right into advance tips to save your time!

YouTube SEO: For Ranking YouTube Channels

Your aim should be to rank your videos among the best YouTube videos. To do so, you need to put extra emphasis on different aspects of your channel. You should target keywords specific t your niche and implement them across your channel to rank in YouTube search results. 

Take a look at this infographic for more details-

YouTube videos SEO infographic
Optimize your YouTube channels and videos for higher rankings

Make Long YouTube Videos (10 Minutes+)

BackLinkO analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos and found that longer videos get a better rank in YouTube search results. 

YouTube analytics and statistics show videos over 10-minutes are best for ranking. So try to create longer videos that are highly watchable and enjoyable!

Here you can see how YouTube search results favor videos longer than 10-minutes-

Best YouTube videos are longer than 10-minutes
Upload longer videos for higher rankings on YouTube

Use Branded Subscribe Button for Most YouTube Subscribers

YouTube let’s you add branding watermark to your videos that viewers can click to subscribe to your channel. This is a cool trick to attract more viewers into clicking the “Subscribe” button. 

You can choose the exact start time for displaying your watermark from the “Branding” tab-


  • You can use your company logo as watermark
  • For best results, make your watermark resemble the YouTube subscribe button
  • Make sure you watermark is visible 

Link to Your YouTube Videos in Video End Screen

You have more chances of getting subscribers when they watch multiple of your videos at one-go. The best way to direct viewers to your other videos is by using the video end screen. You can display your videos as “Next video,” and even include a “Subscribe” button.

We are talking about something like this-

Link to other videos on end screen
Use your video end screen to get more subscribers and views

Turn YouTube Videos into Playlists

You can use the same approach as above to get people to watch more of your videos. You can create playlists containing videos on the same subject, and also add to other people’s playlists. This will automatically increase the number of views on your videos and also encourage people to subscribe. 

Best YouTube playlists
Get more subscribers and organize your channel with playlists

Promote Your YouTube Videos on Viboom

If you want instant results, promote your YouTube channels on Viboom. The platform promotes your videos on the Viboom network, where you get real views from real people. Viboom can also make your videos go viral, so that you can also add thousands of subscribers on YouTube like MrBeast. 

All you need to do is-

  1. Enter your channel or video URL in Viboom
  2. Select the target country and number of views
  3. Make payment using your preferred method

Viboom will take over from here and start promoting your videos for more likes and subscriptions. Try Viboom right now to get white hat views and real subscribers in the easiest way!

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