What New Technologies Are Used for Casino Safety?

Parts of the Live Dealer Casino Games That You Do Not See

Have you ever played live dealer games? They’re the most exciting achievement in the online gambling industry. Live dealer games are the pinnacle of casino technology so far, pairing the atmosphere of a land-based casino with the advantages of online casinos.

And, while they’re fun to play, there’s a whole machinery consisting of different parts behind to run them. Live casino games are not easy to run and maintain, not to mention they aren’t exactly cheap. There are parts behind them you can’t see that must be perfectly synchronized so you can enjoy a top experience.

Additionally, these games use completely new technologies that are used for your safety. You can learn more about it in the paragraphs below.

Live Casino Components

The technology behind a live casino runs pretty deep. These games take more than human dealers, live studios, and a bunch of cameras. As a matter of fact, a trusted casino requires technologies that will promise your safety and security, and that kind of casino technology doesn’t come for cheap.

Yes, high definition cameras are important, but the central part of live casinos is called the Game Control Unit (GCU). Without it, running a live casino is impossible. The GCU broadcasts the games, encodes the video for player security, and enables the dealers to perform their actions.

To put it simply, it’s the most important part of a live casino. However, it only works with another clever piece of technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of which you can learn more below in the article.

As you can see, the technology behind live blackjack and live casinos involves several parts that are important for your safety and experience. Live casinos may look simple to the untrained eye, but the machinery behind them is even more complex than what online casinos offer.

To make sure you’re safe and secure, live casinos use SSL encryption that securely stores your data and finances. This piece of tech allows you to make secure deposits and withdrawals thanks to advanced security measures implemented within and the private servers where your information is stored.

The evolving nature of cybersecurity threats is pushing live casinos to invest in secure technology now more than ever which is great news for players.

Live Dealer Games Studios

The live dealer game studios are a pretty important part of the whole experience too. These are the spots where the games are streamed to online casinos and your devices. Of course, they also use advanced security measures to ensure that the stream reaches the right person.

At the same time, the studios are equipped with high-tech equipment and look the part too. The stylized tables and furniture and the professional dealers surely add to the lavish experience. The cameras are responsible for recording the action which is then streamed through computers and routers to reach your devices without any delays.

It’s a complex operation that involves a lot of moving parts. That’s why live casinos often use cutting-edge casino technology that promises top results.

Regions Where the Majority of Studios are Located

Most of the live dealer studios are located in Europe. Countries such as Estonia and others where the IT industry is thriving are perfect for live casinos. They offer a great workforce and companies that can closely collaborate with the casinos to deliver a perfect experience.

Of course, it’s not just Europe. Asian live dealer providers have their own studios across Asian countries with cutting-edge technology.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology

The OCR software is designed to process and convert printed and visual text into a format that can be displayed on the screen. Together with the GCU, it also scans the cards dealt to dealer and player to record the suit and value.

Of course, this piece of technology is 100% safe and secure. It’s truly a cutting-edge piece of tech that puts data in your hands – it’s just like playing in a land-based casino. OCR is also used for different stuff – for example, the British Library uses such software to transform written texts to data that can be read by machines.

Protection Designed for Online Casinos

Many online casinos nowadays use custom software that protects their resources. For example, a system called Nora 2.0 works through neural networks and self-learning algorithms to find potential malware and threats that third parties can inject the platform with and steal data.

Other similar systems are being developed as we speak. With new systems expected to be better than their predecessors, the online casino industry will be even safer and more secure in the future.

The future of online casino looks bright

Thanks to the innovative cutting-edge technology pieces, the future of online casinos looks pretty bright. The industry has evolved a lot in terms of safety and security since the beginning. While online casinos were considered unsafe in the past, they are 100% safe and secure right now.

Thanks to systems such as Nora and others to follow, the future of the industry is in great hands. Or should we say, algorithms?

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