The Benefits of Screen Recorders for Business and Leisure

Screen recording is actually pretty self-explanatory – it’s basically a method of capturing video footage directly from what is shown on your screen. In the past many people do not realize how incredibly useful it can be and the many ways in which they can benefit from it. These days, you would be surprised as to how many clever ways a screen recorder can be used in different scenarios at work or at play, and in fact, thousands of individuals all over the world have actually been earning a lot just from screen recording!

Below are some of the many ways screen recorders prove to be extremely useful, whether it is for business or leisure:

Save online streaming videos

More and more people watch online streaming videos every day, whether it be on social media, websites or within other apps. Many of these platforms don’t absolutely have an option to “save” videos unfortunately, so each time you want to watch a particular video footage then you need to be online and stream it once again.

If you are tired of having to always view videos online, you can use a screen recorder for that. This means you can watch your favorite music video anytime and anywhere you want, even without an Internet connection.

Makes it easier to show bugs and issues for effective technical help

Many people have experienced getting technical assistance but had difficulty describing the actual problem at hand. There are many instances that we struggle to put bugs and issues into sentences, but it becomes much easier to show the actual problem “as it happens” by simply capturing a video of it using a screen recorder.

After you have recorded the video, upload it online, and share the link when requesting for technical assistance.

By having a video screen recorded, the technical assistance team will easily see the problem you encountered and will be able to quickly act on it, saving you the agony of having to describe your issue with words.

You can even ask for assistance from the general public if you upload your bug-issue video to other platforms such as social media, forums, and so on.

Save video calls, conferences and other content

Just like saving online streaming videos, you can also use a screen recorder to record and save video calls and conferences too. As Skype and other video call platforms do not have a feature to do that, then a screen recorder can prove to be really useful in such situations.

Not only can a screen recorder let you save personal calls, but it can also let you save any business-related calls or meetings through video conferences. This is a really invaluable tool in many ways, as it allows you to play back to what was said anytime you want.

There are many other uses for the screen recorder. It can also be used to create a wide variety of video content, from how-to guides to product demonstrations, tutorials, expert interviews, product/service reviews and so much more.

Now that you’re interested in trying out a screen recorder for yourself, here are two that are highly recommended:

  • Screen recorder on PC

The ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder is a multifunctional screen recorder freeware that allows users to easily record their gaming activity, live stream videos or training videos. The video recordings can be saved in several formats and it can be opened anytime. With this particular screen recorder, it becomes easier to note your ideas with this simple screen capture software on PC.

There are numerous advantages of using the Capture Screen Recorder. It allows you to capture and save HD videos (original, SD or HD quality), adjust your recording region (select full screen or customize recording region), synchronize the sound with the picture while recording a video, and finally, it allows you to have an unlimited recording time so you can screen record as long as you like.

  • Screen recorder on Mobile

The RecorderPro – Screen Recorder is a mobile display recorder specially made for iPad and iPhone users. It only takes one tap to start recording your screen in high quality. Record games, movies, live streams, video chats and just about any video you like on your screen. With RecorderPro, you can also crop and trim your video recordings, convert them to GIFs, and even voice over them!

Getting a paid subscription of RecorderPro – Screen Recorder will give you special access to the following functions: 1080p HD Video recording, adding video dubbing, accurate video cropping, GIF Maker and other useful features. The subscription is priced at $7.99 per month and there’s also an annual plan for $39.99 a year.

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  1. The best thing about screen recorders is that they save a lot of time. According to a research conducted by ScreenRec a free screen recorder, professionals working in an IT environment can save upto 8 to 10 hours every week if they utilize screen recording applications in order to communicate and send instructions.


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