How to Transfer Email from Office 365 to PST Outlook

Office 365 and MS Outlook both are the email application of Microsoft and it is quite popular among the user due to its features. But in recent time, PST Outlook is taking place as a reliable choice among the users due to its multifunctional properties.

As you know that Office 365 ensures the guarantee of the user’s mailbox data security but doesn’t provide Office 365 backup  tool to backup email messages. So it arises many questions like how will you backup your all emails messages?  Or what will you do if you have lost or misplaced your emails from Office 365 account? Therefore, now large number of users is opting for PST Outlook instead of Office 365.

Hence In this blog, we will discuss what the need for migration is?  , It’s manual method and alternative tool.

Why there is a need of migration of email from office to PST Outlook?

-It reduces the size of Office 365 as it keeps the backup of 365 mailboxes in PST files.

-To prevent data loss from hacking, account tapping and network packet analysis, etc. hence, Back up of Office 365 is a good option for data protection.

– If you want your document and mails for a long time.

– User can save office archive mailbox to local disk and can work as their preference

There are mainly two ways by which we can import emails from Office 365 to PST Outlook. One is Manual method and other is alternative tool.

Manual Method 

  1. First login to Office 365 with admin details.
  2. Then tap on Admin center> Exchange.
  3. Now in Exchange Admin center, move to Permission>Admin roles and choose Discovery Management.
  4. Add Mailbox Import Export role; also add you by taping on the plus button and click on save.
  5.  Move back to admin center>>move to Compliance Management and choose for in place e-Discovery and hold.
  6. Here click on the + sign and search query by giving the name and description of the search query and click on Next.
  7. Select any of the options you required in Mailbox then click next.
  8. Search items in Search query and click next.
  9. Under place hold settings, you can perform a place holder of the search item.
  10. Tap on the Compliance Management and tap on the arrow to migrate the Office365 emails to PST.
  11. To save the export PST file, Search the location in the e- Discovery PST Export Tool and click on start.
  12. It will ask for office365 credentials to achieve the process. Click Close after the process is completed.
  13. You can view your PST file by adding an existing outlook profile in MS Outlook. 

               Drawbacks of Manual method

    • It is quite lengthy and time taking process.
    • No Filter items during exporting items.
    • Emails, calendars, contacts cannot migrate at one time.
    • Need technical experts for every step of conversion as it cannot be handled by a novice person.



Alternate tool

         For those who find the use of manual method a little bit difficult then you can use Shsdataresque GMAIL BACKUP SOFTWARE which is quite user-friendly and it does not require the technical mind. Users can operate the tool to import emails from Office 365 to outlook PST format for MS Outlook in all major version of operating system.


In this blog I tried to cover all the information of the topic and also given an alternative way to help in solving the free space issue in Gmail account. 

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