Two types of Water Treatment systems for Home

by Emily on February 20, 2020

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 There are various types of water filtration treatment systems for any residence. One of the most common installations of a system would be water softening. There are many metals that can come through your water into your home and begin to damage important appliances. The benefits of using a water softener system include the extraction of such harmful parts in the water to ensure that your appliances have a longer life. 

 These metals can damage them over time, and it’s very beneficial to have a water softener to reduce the presence of these. There are disadvantages to the softener systems. IF you intend to disinfect the water then this is not the tool for a home. It simply takes the minerals out of the water to soften it. They generally have a higher maintenance cost than other systems, and are not the best for creating filtered water. Although the cons of cost and maintenance can stack up, it is still not a bad idea to have a system like a water softener because each situation is different. Sometimes it calls for this particular system, but it will be relatively hard to upkeep and will rack up the bills overtime.

 If however, you live in a place where the water is particularly hard and saturated with minerals but is clean, then it is possible this system is the right one for the job. Even though maintenance is high, it can strip the water and soften it from a hard state of mineral density. Some places have a more difficult time with their appliances because of hard water, but this system can ensure that the water going through all appliances and pipes is safe for long term preservation of household appliances. They serve a specific function that depends on the water distributed.

 A second water treatment system that is commonly found in homes across the world is reverse osmosis systems. This system uses tightly woven membranes to take out contaminants in the water and also soften it. The user of this system will get some amazing water from this process and Merus can guide you in your decision for the best option. It will be clean, crisp and refreshing like it was professionally stabilized and treated in a facility. It can also make the food we eat taste better and lighter than anything saturated with a dirtier water. The hydration from this water will be more effective as your body can absorb it better.

 As with any filtration system, it will also have some drawbacks. In this particular situation, reverse osmosis can easily clog if not kept up with. Secondly, you must continually cement yourself in the habit of purchasing a new filter to accommodate extensive water use. 

 This can be pretty pricey over time when you have a house full of people drinking water. A small price to pay in the long run though if you’re concerned about drinking healthy and clean water. Reverse Osmosis can also be a slower process than normal, and the water may not come out as quickly as you would like or as it does from the faucet. Overall, the effects of reverse osmosis on the water towards sustainable healthy water for the family is worth the long term consequences of owning this system. Both Reverse osmosis and water softening systems have a wide variety of uses and benefits, and are two of the most common water filtering processes. Assessing the situation to see which system is right for you is paramount to having a healthy source of water for both you and your appliances. Water is the base of importance in the home, so it’s important overall!

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Nathan February 23, 2020 at 16:13

I’m SO interested! I’ve looked into different systems for awhile. can’t see any alternative to a good water softener.


Elizabeth Paige March 3, 2020 at 02:50

Wow! Wasn’t aware that there are different water treatment systems not until I read this article. Indeed, water is the base of importance at home and if it’s not properly managed, things may go down the hill. Thanks for this!


Rifat May 29, 2020 at 13:09

Nice post!! It’s useful and helpful article for me. Thanks for sharing.


Adam Golightly June 3, 2020 at 00:34

My wife has been complaining about how hard her water is and how she won’t be able to take care of her skin and hair with how hard the water is. We would really like to get some help from a professional and make sure that the system will work correctly. I liked what you said about how the mineral density can be stripped in order to become softer and can be unsaturated.


James July 3, 2020 at 17:29

Thanks for posting this informative article. I just read it and its cleared my many confusions about water softeners. Keep posting like that.



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