3 Ways Digital Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing, and 3 Ways It Doesn’t

The rapid rise of big tech in the past few decades has caused significant changes in most industries. Marketing is a perfect example of just how disruptive it can be.

Traditional advertising was an industry with more than a century of history and established best practices. All that changed with the coming of the internet and social media.

Today, newfangled digital techniques dominate much of the market. That doesn’t mean you should disregard tradition altogether, though.

How Digital Marketing Beats Traditional Techniques

Digital methods have several fascinating edges over conventional media advertising campaigns.

Big Data

The internet is a vast network of information in motion. Big data tools allow companies to leverage all that information to aid in pursuing their own goals. It’s proven tremendously effective in recent years.

Using big data, marketers can target customers with astounding levels of specificity. They can pinpoint user-profiles and customer types in seconds and serve up the most effective ads.

Instant Speed

Speed is an area where digital techniques have a sizable edge. In a world that’s moving faster than ever before, being quick is a crucial factor.

Online marketing campaigns can reach the whole world in an instant. They’re quick to deploy and take immediate effect. As an article on www.clickintelligence.co points out, they can also react to evolving real-world situations with natural ease.

Measurable Impact

A huge way in which tech has revolutionized marketing is metrics. In the old days, publicity was a bit esoteric. There was never a precise way to tell just how effective ads indeed were.

Advertising in new media is a different beast. Every click on an ad can be tracked. Every page view can be chalked up to a specific funnel.

How Traditional Techniques Still Have an Edge

All that being said, conventional marketing techniques still have a lot to offer.

Deep Immersion

Television, radio, and print media have a deeply immersive quality. Everyone finds themselves lost in a good TV show or enthralled by a song while in the car.

This immersive quality makes them very valuable media for advertising. Reaching customers when they’re highly invested in the experience they’re living can be very impactful.

Sensory Experience

Something that internet-based marketing campaigns can’t hope to match is the full sensory experience of conventional techniques. The unmistakable tactical sensation of a print ad, for instance, can be quite engaging.

Human memory is variable and very sensitive to intense sensory stimulation. Captivating the senses makes ads far more memorable for most customers.

Iconic Status

While social media and tech are everywhere, few people remember what was on their feed yesterday. Traditional media is far less fleeting in that regard.

Conventional media can also reach a much more iconic status than digital ads. Examples abound; television ads remembered for generations and unforgettable magazine ads.

Final Words

Technology has unquestionably reshaped the marketing landscape forever. A host of new techniques and methods are now available for companies looking to make their mark.

There’s a lot to gain from the strategic usage of these methods and tools. Nevertheless, conventional media techniques continue to add considerable value to marketing campaigns.

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