5 Insights On Content Marketing That The Experts Never Reveal 

When it comes to content marketing, it may seem like there are no surprises left. No stone left unturned. No mystery is unsolved. But the truth is we haven’t really figured it all out just yet. Now hear us out. 

You’re probably aware that content marketing is a potent method to reach your target audience. But yet there aren’t a huge number of marketers who reap the benefits of their content marketing strategy. This is because those who do enjoy success aren’t sharing their secrets. On that note, let’s spill the beans on some of the well-kept secrets that successful content marketers don’t want you to know. 

Secret #1. Branding is more than a sleek website

84% of marketers list brand awareness among their B2B content marketing goals. In fact, branding involves much more than having enough marketing materials and a beautiful logo. Rather it’s a holistic approach of how you want the prospective consumers and other parties involved to perceive your business. It’s essentially about what you hold dear and the aspects that guide you in your business.

Your content and interaction with the prospects should uphold your brand. Make sure to use social media networks to inform prospects about what they can expect from your products or services. This will allow you to enhance your brand awareness.

Secret #2. You can never test enough

This is one of the most crucial rules of content marketing. You must test your content to check whether it’s resonating with your target audience. Keep tabs on the number of leads, comments or inquiries generated by any content you share on the web.

Your content should come with a call to action to compel your readers to take a particular action. What would you like consumers to do? Would you like them to subscribe to your newsletter, share the content, take a free trial or take some other action? Make sure that you offer them something for consuming your content.

Secret #3. Re-purposing is a blessing 

You would never let anything go to waste in life, right? So, why not apply the same rule in case content marketing?  

Chances are a mere fraction of your target consumers will find a piece of content when you first post it, and there is no reason why something you wrote last year has suddenly become irrelevant today.

In such cases, it’d be a great idea to maintain a database of the content you’ve already produced, with case studies and articles, infographics, presentations, and anything else. Determine how often you could re-share and re-purpose each piece using an editorial calendar.

Secret #4. Invest in marketing automation

The objective of creating content is to highlight your expertise and generate leads. Effective marketing automation can provide your prospects that little nudge they need by serving them relevant and intriguing content that will trigger their behaviour. Marketing automation resolves different challenges at virtually every step in the marketing cycle at any time. 

There are tons of marketing automation software to explore out there, so it’s vital that you select a solution that can be aligned with your needs. You can also use different software like plagiarism checker or paraphrasing tool in the content creation process. 

Secret #5. Write for the consumers, not for your products

When you create content, the emphasis should always be on your consumers, and not on the features or benefits of your product. People are more likely to come looking for answers to their questions, rather looking at your products. If you offer them what they’re looking for, then they’ll keep coming back, and eventually, they’ll become your loyal consumers. So it all boils down to what your consumers want.

You can gather personalised data from people by conducting a survey. Alternatively, you should be able to get a decent amount of data by researching on social media. Present the data that you collect both graphically and in text.

Parting thoughts,

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you should have no doubt that content marketing involves more than just presenting content for the sake of it. The process must be approached in a planned and targeted manner. This way, you’ll be able to reap the rewards for your business.

Guest article written by: Jedda Cain is a senior marketing manager working for a distinguished corporate firm in Australia. She received her MBA from Murdoch University. She is associated with Essay Assignment Help as an assignment help expert. Apart from work commitments, she also dabbles into yoga and meditation.

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