Android Smartphones Will Continue to Rule over Apple iPhones

There’s always a plethora of debate and discussions over what’s best – Android smartphones or iOS phones, and the arguments keep going on and on. Before I start with my point of view, I would like to say that I am unbiased and this blog is based on reason and logic and not on emotions and personal preferences. But if you ask for my opinion, I believe that an iPhone can be exclusive but an Android smartphone is exciting!

Although iPhone sales have gone crazy high – thanks to the added hardware capabilities and features like wireless charging and high resolution OLED screen, Android smartphones are still steps ahead with their amazing combinations of value, features and choices, and that too, without making a hole in the pocket!

There are reasons why iPhone users should give Android phones some serious thoughts, let’s look at them one by one.

Better value with greater choices

Realistically speaking, iPhone gives you eight phone options to choose from – iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. On the other hand, Android platform has something for everyone. The staggering variety of Android smartphones from multiple manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Asus, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, ZTE and so on, ensures that customers’ tastes and demands are fully met. Whether you are looking for a phone that is compact with a small screen or you are seeking a one with huge touchscreen, Android has it all. New flagship Android phones are mesmerizing customers with their cutting edge features and functionalities like rotating camera, full HD display, edge screen, physical keyboard and what not. One can also get an option of buying a phone with removable battery and micro SD card. With Android phones, one can never run out of choices and options, all suiting their needs, preferences and budget.

A price that fits all pockets

While Apple iPhones stand out for their exclusivity, the best part of Android smartphones is their inclusivity. An extensive variety of Android phones also imply that different designs, features and specs are included to suit any and every budget. It provides a truly smartphone experience to customers with its wide range of prices. In fact, a fairly spec-loaded Android phone is often less in price compared to the oldest iPhone model.

Customization at it best

Customers love to experiment and explore different options and functionalities when it comes to their smartphones and Androids offer the perfect ways to customize your phones, which clearly is missing in Apple iOS phones. Whether you want a new third-party keyboard or a new launcher, your Android smartphones have all the options. Moreover, there are other features to consider like numerous apps, Swype texting, wallpapers, custom ROM installs, predictive text messaging, cloud storage for photos, widgets and so on. And according to sources, Apple is now getting inspired by many Android features and functionalities and is implementing the same (third-party keyboards and some widgets) in its iOS system. It is evident that users love the idea of being flexible with their phones.

Awesome widgets and multitasking

The wonderful widgets form the most favorite part of Android smartphones and can anytime beat the limited Apple iOS widgets. Although, Apple claims that they avoid using multiple widgets to eliminate clutter, but in reality, Android widgets let users transform their smartphones the way they want! After all, life and work becomes easier with all these awesome widgets like weather details, custom clock, alarms and reminders, direct calls to contact, integrated emails and messages, flashlight and so on. It is so convenient to get all the information you want with just a glance on your phone home screen. At the same time, Android smartphones allow users to perform multiple tasks by using multiple apps at once. After all, where else can you watch a YouTube video while texting your friend at the same time, or can access a file while taking notes from a lecture video!

Multiple other reasons that clearly say that Android is here to stay!

The hardware: On comparing Samsung Galaxy S9+ with iPhone X, it has been found that the former possesses more improved and impressive specs with better camera quality, than the later. Samsung Galaxy S9+ wins over the iPhone X for its octa-core processor, water resistant chassis, higher RAM capacity and features like facial recognition and fingerprint scanner. So, in terms of hardware Android is a clear winner over iOS.

Google play store: An Apple iOS phones lacks this fantastic thing called Google Play Store. This extremely useful and user-friendly app store has got something for everyone. It keeps changing its layout according to the visual appeal and user interface that keeps the users hooked at it for offering varied and beautiful apps. Google Play Store is easy to read and it is comparatively easier to submit an app to the Google Play Store.

Google integration: A very significant aspect of Android is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Google’s multiple services and this makes it incredible in comparison with iOS phones. Google integrated Android smartphones make life of many office-goers easy and smooth as they can easily go online and stay connected with their peers and daily works through Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google+ and the list goes on. And Apple and iOS are simply not able to keep up with this factor.

Music and movies from anywhere: For an Apple iPhone user, downloading movies and music is not as easy as it sounds like. They first need to download what they want in a computer and then have to sync them with iTunes or may have to purchase them inside an app and can then use them, that too only through the app. Android, on the other hand allows the user to download the favorite music and movies directly from the web. Also, it lets the user download stuff and store directly in the phone or the SD card memory, which they can watch/listen later offline, even without a computer.

To sum it all, I would like to say that both iPhones and Android smartphones are doing amazing at their own places, but Android smartphones are ever ready to pace up their game with the changing industry shift to customer experience and user friendliness, which is clearly missing in Apple iPhones. The Android advantages, specifications, functionalities and features are dynamic in nature and hence the scope of improvements are always open. This pure blend of simplicity and innovation in Android smartphones surely overpowers the benefits provided by iPhones.

Guest article written by: Sonali Datta, Lead Market Analyst. Sonali brings over 10 years of practical experience in analyzing, exploring and writing for IT, enterprise software, IT security, startup tips, business strategy, technological innovations, enterprise mobility, digital technologies, and business sustainability. With an extensive background of working with global IT and software companies, she maintains a customer-centric, value-driven and problem-solving approach in her write-ups and she is currently working for Scalefusion.

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  1. Yeah Surely, being myself an android user i strongly agree, the price to feature value is more in android than in ios. Also the popularity of android in users and reach to the people with lower incomes.
    Thanks for sharing.


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