5 takeaways for Mobile Lovers from CES 2020

CES is the time for Innovations, Concepts and Inventions in the Consumer tech to get touch with the general public. And this year’s CES was no different. New launches ranging from TV, Mobile phones to Food were at the display. (Yeah! We are talking about Impossible Burger.)

So in this post, I am going to highlight 5 quick takeaways for Mobile lovers from CES 2020.

#1 It’s raining 5Gs

With 5G technology aggressively expanding its coverage globally, the announcement of new 5G devices was just around the corner. And the most notable announcements are from Samsung and TCL.

Samsung showcased its Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite with almost similar specs.[1] They both carry a triple camera at their back in a unique square-shaped array and boast of a massive 6.7-inch screen. The Note 10 Lite surprisingly also features a Headphone Jack which Galaxy S10 lite misses. So surely Samsung isn’t in the mood to completely eliminate 3.5mm jacks.

Another surprise phone was thrown in by TCL. TCL showcased its budget-oriented 5G phone TCL 10 5G with 4 rear cameras including a 64MP shooter and Dual Flash at the back. It also features a headphone jack for music lovers and the company aims to keep the price of the phone at somewhere near $500.This is definitely affordable by any means and is expected to be launched later this year.

#2 Lots of Foldables

Adding to the tally of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, the Chinese manufacturer TCL has announced its own foldable phone which is yet to be named officially.[1]  The phone opens in the centre and features a 7.2-inch nearly-square display. Though the phone doesn’t have a selfie camera, it does have quad-camera at the back which compensates more than enough.

The phone supports 5G network bands and TCL aims to price it below $1500 to get an edge over Motorola Razr flip phone. It may get launched in 2020 itself though nothing is confirmed yet. So start saving if you want to try our hands with Foldable phones.

#3 More Camera Power- SHiftCam’s iPhone Case

If you are an iPhone 11 owner, then you might be enjoying taking impeccable shots with dual camera and three sensors. And if not, then grab ShiftCam’s case which adds more lenses to your iPhone camera and therefore more possibilities.[1]

The case amplifies some of the existing capability of iPhone cameras like making 2x telephoto into 4x and shooting ultra-wide 180-degree Fisheye. ShiftCam case comes in 3-in-1 and superior 5-in-1 variants which can add much more power to your already powerful iPhone camera.

The case is already available at Amazon and ShiftCam’s website for iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max.

#4 Camera’s invisible power- OnePlus Concept One

On its first CES appearance, OnePlus unveiled the Concept One phone with tinted glass on the back which can disappear the rear camera completely.[1] 

OnePlus partnered with the British Automobile and Racing company McLaren and used their Electrochromic glass( which they use in the sunroofs of luxury cars), to create this wondrous effect.

Once you need the camera, the glass will turn transparent in just 0.7 seconds (This is equal to the time taken to launch the Camera application, according to OnePlus.). Not only that, the glass doubles up as a neutral-density filter for the camera letting you tweak with the ISO sensitivity.

Though it doesn’t appear very good on orange-coloured leather stitch pattern of OnePlus Concept One, those who are McLaren fans should definitely check this out.

#5 Bacteria-less operation- Otterbox Screen Protector

Let’s be honest. We all take our phones to the places they are not supposed to go (Yes I am talking about Bathroom! ). Which means an average smartphone is more filthy than a Toilet Seat!

But Relax! You need not change your habit and instead just change the screen protector of your mobile to Otterbox’s newly showcased anti-microbial protector.[1] 

This EPA-registered protector is capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria from the surface of your ph\one. Actually, the glass of this protector is treated with silver ions which provide it antimicrobial protection. So essentially, bacteria have a high chance of survival inside your body as compared to your phone.

The “Bacteria-Slayer” screen protectors will be out in the market in the First quarter of the year and are expected to be priced at $50. So keep an eye on the market (and your phone away from the toilet till then).

Guest article written by: Mayank Verma is a freelance writer for hire who specialises in Tech, Gadgets and Consumer Electronics. When he is not writing, he loves solving complex maths problems and reading human psychology. Know more about him or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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