Top ways to speed up Magento on Mobile devices

Turn around and you will see people roaming with their eyes fixed and fingers busy scrolling through their mobile devices and tablets. Undoubtedly, mobiles have become shopping essential for customers. As per a study by SOASTA, a mobile page that loads less than 1 second see a 27% increase in conversions. 

This year, there was a lot of Magento 2 migration as the primary focus of the store owners was to increase the speed of their websites. 

Best practices to speed up Magento on Mobile devices:

Your site will be considered outdated if you don’t own a mobile website in this digital age. Search engines will provide lower ranks to your website due to the absence of a mobile site. The following are the best practices to optimize Magento 2 performance on mobile devices:

1. Progressive Web Apps

Do you have a mobile version of your website? or Did you recently migrated to a Magento 2 website? 

If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, make sure you get it as soon as possible. It is risky to manually shift your website to mobile. One way is to build a progressive web app. PWA is built to look like a phone application which is actually a mobile version of your website.

You can leverage the following benefits of PWA:

1. Fast content loading due to heavy performance optimization strategies.

2. PWA uses HTTPS connections for best security practices.

3. PWA sites are highly responsive and hold a record for providing a consistent experience.

4. PWA is known for its cross-browser compatibility.

5. Content can be served offline due to content caching.

6. PWA comes with mobile perks like push notifications, home screens, etc.

7. PWA has shareable content that can be shared with other applications and social media.

You can consider hiring a certified Magento developer to help you develop your mobile site if PWA doesn’t meet your expectation. 

2. Lower Page Weight

The amount of space a webpage’s files take up is referred to as the weight of the page. Various reports have claimed that our mobile devices take three times more than a desktop to download a page. 

Some ways like:

  • Image optimization
  • GZIP compression
  • Content optimization

have been used to decrease the weight of the webpage for Magento 2 website speed optimization and faster loading of the webpage.

Page weight is a critical website performance metric to provide a great user experience. Therefore, before making any changes, it is better to consult a Magento development company whether the changes will bring a positive impact or not. 

3. HTTP/2

Today’s websites require HTTP/2 to speed up the website performance by allowing a server to send assets to a network before the server even asks for them. It is ideal to use HTTP/2 to cover all the servers and networks. 

Ask your server administrator to know whether HTTP/2 is enabled or not. 

Major benefits of using HTTP/2:

1. A major benefit with HTTP/2, your website will get an additional boost in ranking from speed. 

2. Reduces the load on the server due to lower bandwidth requirements, less network overhead, and lower server memory usage.

3. With HTTP/2, fewer TCP connections that will resolve issues in the mobile network.

4. HTTP/2 is easier to parse, more compact, and less error-prone.

5. Advancement in security, efficiency, and speed.

4. Lazy loading images

One of the most important aspects of Magento optimization image optimization. 

Have you noticed the images load while you keep scrolling? This is lazy loading images. 

This tactic is used to increase mobile page speed as the site is concerned only about loading photos that are visible to the user keeping rest of the images dormant.

In a nutshell

To grow your business you need to understand the mutual relationship between mobile page speed and conversions. With the mobile presence of your business, you need to provide optimal user-experience to your customers. The speed of your website will decide if your customers will invest their hard-earned money to make a purchase. Speed is what your customers want. Therefore, improving your mobile page speed will skyrocket the conversion rate of your online business. This, in turn, brings in more customers, boosts sales, and helps your business to grow inevitably. The above tips will help you to achieve your goal and speed up the Magento website on your mobile.

Guest article written by: Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Project Manager at Fortunesoft : Mobile app development company. You can also hire iPhone app developers from Fortunesoft.

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