Apple Launches New Webpages on Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, Apple Cash and Apple Card

Apple introduced on Wednesday a brand new webpage primarily dedicated to the Wallet app on the iPhone, highlighting the various features and benefits that can be enjoyed by its users.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a secure and easy way to pay in physical stores or online. With just a glance or touch, easily pay for a pizza, a ride or even a new furniture. Also, checking out in stores is much safer than using physical cards since there is no need to touch any buttons or exchange cash.

Apple Cash

Apple Cash works just like a debit card. Send and receive money in Messages or make purchases using Apple Pay. When you receive money or Daily Cash back from Apple Card purchases, it is automatically added here.

Apple Card

Apple Card can be considered a credit card, only better. Apple Card has no fees, great tools to help you pay less interest thus leading to a healthier financial life, and unlimited Daily Cash back on every purchase you make.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is an app available on iPhone and Apple Watch devices that safely and conveniently organizes your debit and credit cards, boarding passes, transit passes, tickets, car keys, student ID, rewards cards and more – all in one place.

There is also a FAQ section at the bottom of the webpage that sets the difference between Apple Wallet and Apple Pay. It says, “Apple Pay is the safe way to pay and make contactless, secure purchases in stores and on the web. Apple Wallet is the place where you store your debit or credit cards so you can use them with Apple Pay.”

Head over to these pages if you wish to learn more about Apple Wallet and Apple Pay.

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