Doctor uses iPhone 13 Pro Macro Camera to Check Patients’ Eyes

A doctor from San Diego has made headlines this week among the Apple community as he recently discovered that the camera of the tech giant’s new iPhone 13 Pro model had a new macro mode, and it was proving to be extremely useful in helping him monitor and treat his patients’ eye conditions.

Dr. Tommy Korn, an ophthalmologist and digital health innovation specialist at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego, said via a LinkedIn post on Wednesday that he had been using an iPhone 13 Pro Max to take macro images of his patient’s eyes.

Impressed with the camera’s performance, the eye specialist added that the iPhone 13 Pro Max could “innovate patient eye care & telemedicine”, and he said he is looking forward to seeing where it goes.

He also shared a few images showing the iPhone 13 Pro Max being used during an examination of one of his patients who is on the road to recovery from a resolving abrasion in a cornea transplant. He uses the iPhone’s macro camera to take images that would aid in monitoring the patient’s recovery.Dr. Korn even joked, “P.S. this Pro camera includes a telephone app too!”

The macro photography mode integrated on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models has been called the lineup’s “strongest advancement in the camera system. Instead of using an extra lens or other components, the phones have an upgraded ultra-wide lens with a bigger f/1.8 aperture and 120-degree field of view that uses computational photography to achieve its extreme close-up shots.

This isn’t really the first time that an Apple item has been used in health or medical settings. Earlier this month of September, for instance, the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission’s crew used an iPhone and an Apple Watch to conduct research investigating the impact of spaceflight on the human body.

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