iPhone 11 Survives Six Months at Bottom of Lake in Canada

An iPhone 11 miraculously survived after being submerged at the bottom of a lake in Canada for almost six months before divers have recovered it recently.

Clayton Helkenberg and his wife Heather were free divers cleaning up trash and also recovering lost items from the bottom of Harrison Lake located in British Columbia, Canada when they found an iPhone 11 owned by Fatemeh Ghodsi.

Clayton said, “So we got home, cleaned up the phone, and it turns on… It was lost September 10th. So it’s been down there for several months. It’s March 3rd now. So, it’s pretty amazing! iPhone you make one heck of a waterproof phone. These iPhone 11s are amazing! That’s very impressive for any type of technology.”

Ghodsi accidentally dropped the phone in the water during a ride on the bumper boats in September 2020.

She said, “I was in a situation where I kind of lost balance and dropped it in the water.”

The water park employees convinced her it would be impossible to recover the iPhone in the deep water. She continued, “Distressed and in tears, we went back to Vancouver just kind of hopeless.”

The iPhone 11 unit was not completely unscathed. The microphone is broken and the speaker sounds weird, but everything else works perfectly and the battery health is still at 96%.

The handset has been returned to its owner.

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