Netflix set to Offer Gaming Subscription similar to Apple Arcade

Netflix is setting its sights to enter the online gaming market and what they are about to present is very much similar to Apple’s digital subscription offering, Apple Arcade, according to two reports.

Launched in 2019, Apple Arcade is a video game subscription service offered by Apple Inc. It got a big boost with the addition of a bunch of classic iOS games just last month. A poll showed this was actually a popular move, encouraging more people to consider subscribing, and existing subscribers to play more games.

First reported by The Information and followed up by Axios, the online streaming giant is thought to wish to offer its 200+ million subscribers a way to download games via a subscription program. According to one source, that program would look very similar to Apple Arcade.

“A source familiar with Netflix’s plans tells Axios to “think of it as a smaller Apple Arcade,” a reference to Apple’s offering of high-quality, ad-free mobile games offered to paying subscribers.

Netflix would likely offer a mix of licensed Netflix intellectual property and original work commissioned from independent studios, offered to existing Netflix subscribers.

The service is possibly launching in 2022, and plans are all subject to change.”

If Netflix is really going to dip their toes onto gaming, then they would have to create compatible associated hardware such as game controllers, as this is usually the problem when making traditional video games being played on a TV.

Netflix hasn’t yet commented about the rumors.

“When asked about this by Axios, a Netflix rep said that users have valued the company’s variety of content and the service’s interactive shows and games, “[s]o we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment.”

The company has reportedly started the search for a senior gaming exec to lead the move.

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