3 Windows 10 & Microsoft 365 Updates for Remote Working Businesses

One of the benefits of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, is the automatic updates you get. Microsoft are always adapting and improving their products to meet the new ways we work, and as we all know the last year or so has brought around a lot of changes to the way we work! In particular, the mass migration of people to working from home. So, take a look at 3 recent updates that will help those remote working organisations say secure and productive!

Windows 10 Weaknesses Fixed

Security has always been key but is especially important at a time of remote working. Rather than having to worry about 1 office network, IT professionals now have as many end points and devices to think about as the company has employees. The June Windows 10 update includes several protective repairs with Microsoft patching over 50 weaknesses. Of these weaknesses, 5 were critical and 45 were key bugs. All these fixes will help improve the speed and security of how Windows 10 runs, so it’s a great idea to do this update.

If you are interested in getting these fixes, here is how to install the update:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ under the ‘Start’ button
  • Search ‘update’ and select ‘Windows Update Settings’
  • Click the ‘Check for updates’
  • Once this has completed, restart your device

If you have a business version of Windows 10, these updates may be controlled by your administrator or your IT Support London provider. If you cannot follow the above steps, it may be best to contact them about getting these updates.

Access Contact information from Office products

We’ve been able to work together in Word, Excel and PowerPoint now for a while, which has been especially useful during this time of separation. But a new feature coming to these apps this June will now make it even easier to contact your co-collaborator! When co-authoring in Word, Excel or PowerPoint on the Web, you will now be able to click the persons profile picture in the top ribbon and reveal their contact card. 

This means if you need to quickly give them a call or remember what their email is, you will now be able to do all this without even leaving the Office apps. A very simple, time saving feature for those who collaborate with others on documents regularly.

Microsoft Teams Meetings can now we set as Automatic in Outlook

There is now a setting in Outlook Calendar that will allow you to set all meetings as online by default. This means whenever someone creates a ‘New Meeting’ in Outlook, a Teams meeting will automatically be added into the body of the invite. Then you will have the option to ‘Don’t Host Online’ if you do not want to add any Teams joining info.

This is a great feature and update for any companies who have decided to go remote working full time, so will be hosting most of their meetings online. Again, if you have any issues accessing these updates, contact your IT Support London provider and they should be able to assist you on setting this up.

These are just a few of the most useful, remote working friendly updates to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 we will be able to enjoy by the end of June. However, when it comes to Windows 10, we may have to wait till after June for any more updates after this. Microsoft has paused anymore rollouts for now, but they are hosting a virtual Windows event on June 24th. Perhaps we will see some new announcements around Windows 11 then…

3 thoughts on “3 Windows 10 & Microsoft 365 Updates for Remote Working Businesses”

  1. Thanks for this informative information. With Microsoft Teams you can use it for Video Conferencing, Document sharing, Chat, Collaboration with your team, Team meetings and to top it all Microsoft teams can be used with any device. You can use your computer & phone together as companions in an online meeting and work with your colleagues whether you’re at home or on your company premises.

  2. Good post. Microsoft is always trying to keep their products up-to-date and compatible with the latest working methods, which is why they regularly release updates. The June Windows 10 update includes several fixes that will help remote workers and organizations. The new features of Microsoft Teams Meetings being automatically set up when you create an Outlook meeting is a welcome improvement too!


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