4 Important Approaches for You to Get a Cheap Domain Name

by Klaus on November 8, 2021

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Are you planning to buy a domain of your own? Then, there are a lot of registrars available to buy a cheap domain. However, you should consider some key points while registering a domain with a registrar. Here are some of the most important ones for you to consider. 

Some useful tips to get a right domain at a low price

1. Buy your domain from a recognized registrar

There are numerous places to buy domains, but it is better if you register your domain with a reliable and leading registrar. An unknown registrar may run a high chance of going out of business. You can find innumerable companies offering domain registration and web hosting. It is difficult to know how many of them are authorized ones. Therefore, do not put yourself at a risk by opting for an entity, which you are unaware of. When you choose to stick with a reliable domain service company, you will stand to receive 24/7 customer service. Moreover, they help you get your desired domain even through backorder domain service.  

In addition, such companies offer you the best deals and web hosting plans, which usually include a free domain name. This will help you save a lot of money. Being a professional, they can suggest you a suitable plan at a reasonable price that meets your business needs. The other way to have a cheap domain is to opt for shared domains which cost less.

2. Purchase a domain name at least for 2 years

When you buy or register a domain name, it is better to register for 2 years instead of 1 year. Opting to register for more years will help you get the best deals or at a lower price. More the number of years lower the price. The cost of domain registration goes up each year, so you may need to spend more money for renewal each year if you buy a domain only for a year. 

Furthermore, when you buy a domain for two years, it helps you save time and unnecessary hassles. You do not have to renew it every year and sometimes, you may forget to renew it and end up in losing the domain.  Most importantly, Google rewards your responsibility with higher search ranking.

3. Never purchase generic domain names

Many companies and individuals choose generic or single-word domain names such as insurance.com. Try not to buy such names, for they are quite expensive, and may not help your business. It is not easy to create a brand name with a single generic name. Moreover, people trust websites with branded domain names rather than the generic ones. In addition, search engines prefer branded name over generic names while ranking. 

4. Use domain name search tools for searching a cheap domain

Once you have your relevant keywords, use a free domain name search tool or a domain name generator to find a suitable name. The tool will automatically generate variations of your domain name ideas and check if it is available or not online. It is worth spending time to search on a domain name generator because choosing the right domain is important, and you are going to spend much to build a brand name that will attract traffic to your website.  

These tips can help you buy a cheap domain name for your website.


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