6 Easy Tips to Make Your Marketing Campaign Go Viral

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Viral marketing is the best kind of marketing, as it quickly catches the audience’s attention. Viral marketing gives you the highest value for your money, attracts as many customers as possible, and can potentially make whatever you are selling popular globally. 

Viral marketing takes a different approach from ordinary marketing. Here are six easy tips to help you pull it off: 

1. Target the Right Audience 

This is one of the golden rules of marketing: ensure that your message gets to the right people. Your marketing campaign will only go viral if the audience can relate to it. 

Your audience should comprise people who are most likely to buy your products/services. Additionally, your marketing message should be designed to appeal to these people’s needs and preferences. 

As such, conduct thorough research into your audience. Pay particular attention to their likes and preferences, as you will need to appeal to these aspects in your audience to create an appealing and viral marketing message. 

2. Get Someone Popular to Spread the Word 

People love and trust famous and popular people. To this end, more people will be receptive to a marketing campaign featuring their favorite musician than they will to another generic marketing campaign. There is a whole niche behind this concept: influencer marketing, as exemplified on unrulyagency.com

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to get your audience’s attention. The influencer will also give the marketing campaign the credibility it needs to go viral – just like the influencer. However, ensure that the influencer is likable by your audience – there are thousands of influencers, after all.  

3. Make Use of Social Media 

Courtesy: Pexels.

Social media is one of the best marketing platforms. There are more than 3.9 billion people active on social media, for starters – real people, unlike the inorganic leads on the internet. More importantly, you can interact with these people one-on-one, ideally making a receptive audience. 

The majority of people on social media are always looking for the next best thing, such as a witty and enjoyable advert with the potential to go viral. In fact, these people will help to make your marketing campaign go viral – but only if they like it. As such, focus your marketing efforts on popular social media sites, in addition to other channels. 

4. Keep Up with Current Trends 

Speaking of social media, it is worth noting that it is where many people go to keep up with developments. It is where new trends start – for example, TikTok has inspired dozens of trends that have taken the world by storm. 

Everyone wants to get in on the current trend – and you should, too. The idea is to design your adverts around ongoing trends to make them more noticeable to people keeping up with it. However, ensure that your audience is on board with the chosen trend – and avoid disastrous and dangerous trends, as they can destroy your brand. 

5. Videos are Fun 

Marketing comes in many shapes and forms. Some of the common mediums include written content, images, audio recordings, and videos. Every medium has its benefits and shortcomings, and videos are considered especially effective for a range of reasons. 

Watching a video is not as taxing as reading a long article. Additionally, motion pictures are more fun and engaging than blocks of texts or static images. Most importantly, you can illustrate your best creativity and wildest imaginations better on video than on text and pictures – and you need all the creativity you can get to design viral adverts. 

Plain motion pictures will not cut it – you need a fun and entertaining video that people will talk about. It is also advisable to make your video short, as long videos are considered monotonous. 

6. Offer Exciting Freebies 

People like free things, especially if it’s something that they can actually use. To this end, you will get many people’s attention (including people outside your target audience) just by shouting “free stuff!” More importantly, people will be more willing to listen to what you have to say if they stand a chance of getting this free stuff. 

Offer exciting freebies to get your audience’s attention, and then follow up by designing an appealing marketing campaign to make the most of this attention (and make it genuine). However, choose your freebies wisely – they should be useful but not expensive. 

Final Thoughts 

Every marketing campaign should be viral, but only the best ones achieve this level of success. However, you can guarantee that your marketing campaigns go viral by using these easy and practical tips. Don’t forget the golden rule: add creativity to your marketing campaign to make it appealing to the masses. 

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