Best PDF Compressor on Windows without Adobe

As one of the most commonly used file formats, PDF is always preferred for documents saving, archiving, transferring and other scenarios in daily work. However, sometimes we may have to create or receive large PDF files especially with a lot of pages and images, such as brochures or learning materials. The heavy PDF files take up too much storage space and even get your system freezing, causing a negative effect on working efficiency. 

In view of the mentioned troubles, this post will focus on how to compress large PDF files on Windows. You may have already known that it’s able to compress PDF in Adobe, but what are the other PDF compression tools if you do not use the Adobe anymore or want to switch to a more cost-effective PDF file compression software? Here SwifDoo PDF is recommended for the Windows users. 

SwifDoo PDF is a comprehensive software application that will surprise you by its functional diversity and also price-performance. It enjoys the majority of features that you may need. You can conduct PDF merging, PDF compressing, converting, editing, annotating, page organizing, signing, and more you may get in SwifDoo PDF. To get the superior using experience, users just need to pay $8 for a monthly subscription.   

How to Compress a PDF File on Windows 

It’s quite easy to use SwifDoo PDF. When you download the application from SwifDoo website or Microsoft AppSource, you will find the installation package is only about 10 MB large, amazingly light. By choosing three levels of output image quality, you can compress PDF without losing quality, to some extent, it’s able to compress PDF to a chosen size. Check the steps below to learn how to compress a PDF file on Windows.  

Step 1: Download and install SwifDoo PDF from web or Microsoft AppSource and open it.

Step 2: Click Advanced to choose the Compression tool.

Step 3: On the PDF Compression window , click Add Files or drag to drop the chosen PDF file that you plan to compress to smaller size. Depending on needs, users can choose the image quality: High Definition, Standard and Normal under the Image Quality. It also provides estimated file size of the compressed PDF. 

Step 4: Select output path at the bottom of this window, then click Start to compress PDF size. The status comes to be Waiting. After the status changes to be a tick and the compression processing of PDF document is completed, you can check the saved compressed PDF from the selected path or open the file directly under the Operation.

Supposing you’d like to share this compressed PDF document to others, you may click the Share next to the Advanced after opening it, to send by email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

SwifDoo PDF also helps to compress PDF in batches if you add multiple PDF files. So if you will not intend to compress PDF in Adobe, SwifDoo PDF is a nice choice. It enables you to compress PDF file size on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

The best for new users is its 30 days free trial use, with that, you can try before you buy. If you are looking for a PDF tool as the substitute for Adobe to compress your large files, give it a try.

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