Does Long Content Rank Better on Search Engines?

Before understanding how long content holds a better rank on the search engines, let’s know what long-form content is. 

Long-form contents are those contents that carry in-depth information regarding the topic the content is actually about. These contents usually take a minimum of 700 words, and there is no upper cap for the word count. This is because the coverage of the content varies depending upon the topic. These types of content require critical thinking and are well-researched and contextual.  

To construct quality long content, you should reach out to SEO consultants. There are various areas where long content outperforms short content. A few of the main aspects are mentioned below: 

  • Improved search engine results and conversion rates

Researches show that when you search for something over the net, the top ten pop-up results contain more than 2000 words on average. This proves that the size of the content is directly related to the rank you hold on SERP and all expert SEO consultants in Perth.

Various search engines, especially Google, value content like these. Search engine bots focus on context. And long articles simply create a greater context by going into the depth of the topic and connecting it to a more significant number of related issues. Google not only decreases the rank of the content that is thin but also penalizes them. 

  • High engagement on social media platforms

Long content improves organic reach with a better ranking on social media and gets you more shares on such platforms. Experts, like SEO consultants in Perth, connect you with your audiences on a ground level. These platforms make engagements easier because

a) they already know your brand, that is why they follow you, and
b) since people already log in, making a like, comment, and share requires a few clicks.

Plus, these platforms even show you the engagement rate of your account, which helps you know about your flaws, giving you a chance to improve them. 

If you cannot create engaging content for your media accounts, you can even reach out to SEO consultants for help. 

  • Use and Lifespan

Long-form contents have a greater lifespan. This is because when people are searching for a topic and are trying to collect all possible information about the same, they hardly care about its published date. This is also because no one can change a piece of data on the internet. It can add a lot more to it in the future but never earlier than what was already provided.

However, the choice of the audience can vary with the topic they are searching about. 


Studies even show that long-form content can negatively affect conversion rates. This is because a particular audience segment feels the extra information provided clashes with their previous understanding of the service or product. This makes them lose their interest in the content.

Also, producing long-quality content can be time-consuming, whereas short ones can be quickly curated. But in reality, an optimum mix of both straightforward and long-form content is required to execute the marketing plan efficiently and no one other than the best SEO consultants in Perth can help you with that

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to SEO consultants today to curate the best content for engaging more audiences, improving your rank on the SERP.

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