Funny Quarantine Gifts for Friends

When you cannot physically stay together, staying in connection with the near and dear ones can be a lofty task. Moreover, it can be difficult to replicate the joy experienced via quality time with your family and friends. As the COVID-19 continues to spread, many people are entering a furthermore year of self-isolating, social distancing, or being in quarantine during their recovery. Though extremely necessary, maintaining these precautions over an extensive period can include an unexpected layer of strain in your daily routine. Therefore, the funny quarantine gift ideas are the creative ways to show your friend you are thinking of them and make them laugh out loud at the same time.

10 funny quarantine gifts and gestures for friends who are maintaining self-isolation

The best LOL-worthy items would leave a long-lasting imprint on your friends. These are not only humorous, but the gifts would also show them your care and effort in trying to put a small on their face. So, while stuck at home this Quarantine, show your love and tickle your friends’ funny bones with the following hysterical gag gifts: 

1. Customized wine topper – Wines are always a great gift to give to another person. However, if you want to bring a smile to their face at the same time, buy them a personalized wine glass topper in unique shapes or designs. What’s more, customize it with funny labels on top with a humorous quote knocking on their drinking habit or a picture of your friend’s funny drunk selfie on display. The possibilities are endless. 

2. Funny coasters – Is your friend a stickler for an appropriately laid-out table? If so, they would thank you during every meal if you gift them the funny, instructional, and to-the-point coasters. It may contain some weird quotes or maybe some cheeky suggestions.

3. Weird sleep hoods – If you want your friends to keep guessing about the gift till the very last moment, you can go for a prank box. It would make them think that you have sent an awful gift when you’ve actually sent a box full of weird sleep hoods.

4. Animal-print jumpsuits/pyjamas- During quarantine, most people having nothing to do than lounge around in their bedroom. At this point, wearing a comfortable and cute jumpsuit is surely one of the main things they desire. So, gift them that, but with a top-to-bottom animal-printed design. For example, give them a jumpsuit that looks exactly like a lion or cow, with adorable ears and whiskers sticking out from the cap part. 

5. Beer Pong Robot- If your friend misses the fun party games like beer pong, this particular option is a worthy gift for them. Add customized stickers or labels on each of the cups and make a game out of throwing balls into particular ones. Not only would they have a jolly time trying to drop balls into the rotating cups, but also bond with their flatmates/family while perfecting their throwing skills. Win-win! 

6. A LOL-worthy book of recipes – Who does not love to gorge on yummy treats or reading comic relief books to pass the time? Indeed, with Chrissy Teigan’s “Cravings: Hungry for More”, your friend would certainly manage to do both. Moreover, they would love every second of it! They would love the hilarious anecdotes that would tickle them silly and spend an enjoyable period trying out easy-to-make recipes that are delicious and filling. Certainly, your friend would have a fun time browsing through this cookbook during the long-running quarantine period. 

7. Sarcastic candle – These funny gifts would be both relatable and would serve the purpose of scenting up your friend’s place. You can choose their favourite fragrance ranges like vanilla cupcake, fragrances range, or earthy black ash woods. These candles are generally made with natural soy wax, and they are long-lasting, and your friends can reuse the jar. You can add a funny quote at the covering label to make your friend feel good. 

8. A weird wall calendar – A weird calendar that they would check every day to keep a count on their days of being isolated would be another great gift idea. The calendar may contain the image of a grumpy cat, a funny cartoon character, a weird quote, or even weird photographs of your friend. Also, you can add some fun phrases to make them laugh every day. 

9. Customized ceramic plant pots – A set of ceramic pots with customized quotes on them would be another great gift idea if your friend is a nature lover and likes to keep different plants at their home. Also, you can choose a funny shaped ceramic pot and add a weird photograph of you two spending quality time together. This gift would be cherished by them forever. 

Hence, these careful, humorous, and heartfelt selections of gifts for friends during their quarantine are extremely important to make them feel good. Along with the gifts mentioned above, you can also send them funny animal slippers, adult party games, funny earrings, weird printed purses, etc. 

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